Elderly Woman Hospitalized in Critical Condition After South Shore Fire, According To CFD

Elderly Woman Hospitalized in Critical Condition After South Shore Fire, According To CFD

WFCN – Chicago An old woman in the South Shore section of the city suffered serious injuries in a fire.

The 7400 block of South Exchange Avenue was the scene of the fire on Monday morning at around

10 : 00 a.m.

The Chicago Fire Department reports that after the home’s furniture caught fire, an elderly woman received severe burns.

In critical condition, she was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center. The victim’s age is still unknown.

The fire was reported in multiple 911 calls, and the Chicago Fire Department was on the scene quickly. When firefighters arrived, the building was completely destroyed by flames, and dense smoke was rising into the night sky. Retrieving any residents trapped within the burning building was their first concern.

Firefighters discovered an elderly woman in her second-floor flat during the tumultuous rescue effort. She had burns and serious smoke inhalation, and she was unconscious. After being swiftly evacuated, the woman was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where her condition is still severe.

Elderly Woman Hospitalized in Critical Condition After South Shore Fire, According To CFD

As firemen battled the fire, neighbors and onlookers stared in fear. Numerous others expressed their sympathy and worry for the hurt woman, who is known to have lived in the building for a long time. One neighbor remarked, “She’s lived here for as long as I can remember.” “We’re all hoping she survives,”

Many locals have been forced to flee their homes due to the fire, and the American Red Cross and other community organizations are currently providing aid to them. Those impacted are receiving basic goods and a temporary place to live. An investigation is ongoing.


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To ascertain the origin of the incident, fire investigators are putting forth a lot of effort. According to preliminary investigations, one of the units’ kitchens may have been the source of the fire, but the precise cause is still unknown. The possibilities have not been ruled out by the authorities, including unintentional reasons and defective electrical wiring.

The structure, which is home to several families, has sustained significant damage. To ascertain the extent of the damage and to guarantee the safety of the surviving residents, city officials are performing structural evaluations.

The Chicago Fire Department is reminding locals of the need of fire safety precautions in the wake of this occurrence. The likelihood of such catastrophes can be greatly decreased by making sure smoke alarms are in working order, having a fire escape plan, and being aware of potential fire threats in the home.

The South Shore community is rallying behind the seriously injured woman, who is fighting for her life, and helping those impacted by the fire. The risks associated with residential fires and the vital significance of readiness and safety are brought home by this tragedy. As new information comes to light, updates will be given while the inquiry is ongoing.

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As of right now, the fire’s origin remains unknown.

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