Illinois Winner of $552M Mega Millions Jackpot Revealed as Chicagoland Local

Illinois Winner of $552M Mega Millions Jackpot Revealed as Chicagoland Local

Chicago – The $552 million Mega Millions jackpot winner from the Illinois iLottery has come forward.

The winner, who is positively identified as being from the Chicago region, has opted to stay anonymous.

The greatest prize won through iLottery in U.S. history was won by the “MEGA Millionaire,” who struck the jackpot while playing the game online, according to the Illinois Lottery.

MEGA Millionaire, who has asked to stay anonymous, said, “I was going through my emails when I saw one from the Illinois Lottery saying to check my numbers because I won a prize.” “I figured it would be similar because I’ve won $2 here or $5 there in the past.”

Kathy, the supervisor of the Illinois Lottery Des Plaines Prize Center, is holding up the large check that was given to the $552 million Mega Millions jackpot winner.

“You have no idea how shocked and shocked I was to learn that I had won the $552 million jackpot. To be sure it was genuine, I really closed the program and then reopened it. The winner remarked, “It was okay, but it still feels surreal.

Illinois Winner of $552M Mega Millions Jackpot Revealed as Chicagoland Local

The thankful recipient went on, “I was raised by a single mom who had to work two jobs throughout my childhood to provide for our family, to put food on the table, and for us to get an education.” “I started working the day after I graduated from high school, and I haven’t stopped since.”


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The winner went on, “I work very hard.” I’ve worked as a laborer all my life, and when I started earning a good salary, I begged my mother to retire so I could take care of her. It was my way of saying “thank you” for everything that mother gave up for us. I have not yet informed her of this unexpected life-changing opportunity, but when the time comes, we will all be crying with joy.

The historic online win was the second-largest reward ever won in Illinois and the ninth-largest Mega Millions jackpot payout in the history of the game, according to the Illinois Lottery.

“I’ve always wanted to spend time with my family and retire early. “It’s safe to say that my dream has finally come true,” the newly wealthy man stated.

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