Bridgeport Accident CTA Bus Smashes Into Building and Cars, Hospitalizing At Least 5 Video

Bridgeport Accident: CTA Bus Smashes Into Building and Cars, Hospitalizing At Least 5 | Video

WFCN – On Monday, a CTA bus struck many vehicles on the South Side of the city.

According to Chicago police, the collision occurred at the intersection of 35th and Halsted streets in Bridgeport shortly after 10:40 a.m.

The CTA reports that the northbound No. 8 Halsted bus was the vehicle involved in the collision.
Before crashing into the automobiles, the out-of-control bus also struck a building, according to surveillance footage from the area.

Eleven vehicles were involved in the incident, according to the CPD. It was necessary to take at least five patients to the hospital.

According to Chicago fire officials, two people were rushed to University of Chicago Medical Center in serious to critical condition, one adult was sent to Insight Hospital in fair condition, and two children were brought to Stroger Hospital in good condition.

“I saw him swerving as I was traveling south and the bus was traveling north. “And there I hopped the curb,” stated Jonetta Jones, a collision victim. “I noticed other automobiles when I hopped the curb. It was incredible, wild, and straight out of a movie. I’m simply grateful that it wasn’t too severe.” While Jones was able to escape the bus, others did not have the same luck.

The 10-year-old grandson of Jones rushed to assist a family whose vehicle was being torn apart by the bus.

“If you keep moving, it will hurt more,” one of them warned, referring to a scratch on her neck. Thus, avoid moving or touching it. And so the police arrived. Montclair Jones, an accident victim, described it as “a big ole mess.”

Bridgeport Accident CTA Bus Smashes Into Building and Cars, Hospitalizing At Least 5 Video

There was much more to the mess than just wrecked cars.

Witness Courtney Popek stated, “We just saw all of the brick, light post, pay stations, everything taken out on this whole street.”


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As I was upstairs in my apartment, a tremendous crash was heard. Witness Keenan Slade stated, “I assumed it was the bus hitting the building.”

The bus dragged a parking pay station underneath it and came to rest around half a block north of 35th Street with its windshield knocked out. According to a witness, the driver seemed to have experienced a medical crisis.

“I saw the bus driver, who appeared to be an elderly man, inspecting his physique and himself. Witness Ahmad Mumni stated, “It appeared as though he was afraid, as though something had happened to him.”

The cause of the collision and the driver’s condition were not immediately disclosed by the CTA.

By approximately 4 p.m., the area’s roads had reopened and bus reroutes had been terminated.

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