Young Woman, 18, Shot and Killed in Parked Car in Englewood, According to Chicago Police

Young Woman, 18, Shot and Killed in Parked Car in Englewood, According to Chicago Police

WFCN – The Englewood community is in sorrow following the sad occurrence in which an 18-year-old lady was shot and killed while seated in a parked car. According to the Chicago Police Department, the incident happened on June 10, 2024, late on a Monday night.

On the 7000 block of South Green Street, the young woman, identified as Aaliyah Johnson, was discovered unconscious inside her car. Residents in the vicinity reported to 911 as soon as they heard several gunshots around 11:45 p.m., according to the police report.

Officers on the scene saw that Johnson had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and started providing first aid.

Emergency personnel tried their best, but Johnson was declared dead at the site. Detectives started looking into the circumstances leading up to the shooting as soon as the location was declared a crime scene.

The Englewood community, renowned for its close-knit people, has been profoundly impacted by the news of Johnson’s passing. She was characterized by friends and neighbors as a good-hearted young lady with a promising future.

“Aaliyah had a lovely spirit; she would always smile and cheer up everyone around her. A family friend named Maria Thompson stated, “This is really heartbreaking.

Young Woman, 18, Shot and Killed in Parked Car in Englewood, According to Chicago Police

According to Sgt. Robert Williams, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, detectives are actively following leads and looking over video footage from adjacent cameras. Sgt. Williams declared, “We are committed to finding those responsible for this senseless act of violence.” “We kindly ask anyone with information to come forward and support our inquiry.”


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The tragedy has brought attention to Chicago’s gun violence problem once more, especially in areas like Englewood. Leaders and activists in the community are advocating for more efforts to be made in addressing the underlying causes of violence and offering assistance and services to impacted families.

Marcus Hayes, a local activist, stated, “We cannot continue to lose our young people to such senseless acts.” “To address this scourge of violence, we need improved policing tactics, more community programming, and a commitment from local officials.”

Following the tragedy, Johnson’s family and friends have received support from a number of community organizations. For individuals impacted by the incident, the Englewood Community Center is now offering support services and bereavement counseling.

The Englewood community is strong and has united to support better environmental policies and grieve the loss of Aaliyah Johnson even as the inquiry is ongoing. In her memory, memorial ceremonies are being organized, offering the community a chance to pay tribute to her life and demand a stop to the violence that has taken far too many lives.

Aaliyah Johnson, age 18, was fatally shot in Englewood, and her shooting serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the persistent problems Chicago faces with gun violence. In order to recover and avert other tragedies, the community’s strength and solidarity will be essential while police work nonstop to apprehend the offender.

Anybody with information is asked to call the Chicago Police Department at (312) 747-8380 or anonymously report information to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS, according to the authorities.

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