White House Rebuts Wall Street Journal Article on Biden with Fierce Critique

White House Rebuts Wall Street Journal Article on Biden with Fierce Critique

WFCN – On Wednesday, when The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping,” which detailed the president’s behavior in closed meetings, White House officials and President Biden’s friends launched an offensive against the publication.

Republicans who had spent time with President Biden, such as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California, were among the Democrats who jumped to his support and criticized the Journal for mostly relying on their reports.

Several White House aides sent a lengthy clip from “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, where the hosts criticized the Journal item for being a popular piece.

“Those are two guys I’ve had private time with. had private conversations with Trump and Biden. Throughout the previous 30 years, I have had time with every House Speaker. Host Joe Scarborough remarked, “And Joe Biden, I’m not just— it’s simply not close.”

White House Rebuts Wall Street Journal Article on Biden with Fierce Critique

Joe Biden is miles ahead of everyone else when it comes to discussing foreign policy and securing bipartisan legislation, the speaker went on. Not focusing on the reporter, but rather the fact that editors at The Wall Street Journal were aware that these remarks were public. Reporters are always held accountable. Heck, I’m at a loss for words. In this situation, I’m at a loss for words.

Interviews with 45 individuals over several months, including Republicans and Democrats who met with Biden or received briefings on them, formed the basis of the Journal article. According to the account, there have been instances where Biden has closed his eyes, spoken too softly to be heard, and read aloud from notes during talks about help for the Ukraine.


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The Journal added that while Democrats felt that Biden appeared older in multiple discussions, Republicans made up the majority of those who thought he did a poor job.

The fact that McCarthy, the former Speaker of the House who resigned last autumn, was the sole legislator to publicly oppose the president infuriated Biden supporters.

“When he was vice president, I used to meet with him.” McCarthy informed the Journal, “I’d go to his house.” “The man has changed.”

On the social media site X, deputy press secretary Andrew Bates shared a number of previous statements from McCarthy endorsing Biden’s behavior at their private talks on the debt ceiling. Following those conversations, McCarthy made a public statement to media describing Biden as “very smart and professional.” Really smart at the same time,” and he allegedly confided in coworkers that Biden was intelligent.

The head of White House communications Ben LaBolt wrote on X, “What a surprise-Republicans using their election year messaging strategy that contradicts their own prior words about @POTUS.” “Casablanca: A place to gamble!”

Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) stated on X that although she was interviewed for the article, she was not included in the quote.

“Hey guys, guess what? Everybody criticizing President Trump is a Republican with a goal,” she wrote on social media. “I conveyed to the @WSJ that the President was fully involved in the January meeting on Ukraine and that he conducted the proceedings in a way that united everyone,” Why haven’t I been quoted?

When pressed about the Journal story’s premise during a call with reporters, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the campaign manager for Biden, similarly dismissed it.

“He’s simply one of the best leaders I’ve been able to interact with, collaborate with, and advise,” the woman remarked. “I have spent and will continue to spend a great deal of time with the president and make sure that I am living up to sort of his… strategic approach at every turn.”


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The Hill was informed by The Wall Street Journal that its reporting is unwavering.

Regarding Biden’s eligibility for office as he runs for a second term, the Journal story is the most recent to cast doubt. Assuming a two-term, Biden’s age would increase to 86 from his current 81.

For years, Republicans have attempted to demonstrate that Biden is not mentally or physically capable of holding public office. The likely Republican candidate for president in November, former president Trump, frequently disparages Biden’s intelligence.

During his campaign trail appearances, Democrats have pointed out that Trump, who is 77 years old, has a history of making mistakes with words. A number of times during his most recent criminal trial in New York, Trump closed his eyes for protracted periods of time.

Even after a special counsel report describing him as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” was released earlier this year, Biden has retaliated against inquiries concerning his age.

“I can do it better than anybody you know,” Biden responded when asked if he believed that, at 85, he could handle the job in an interview with Time magazine published on May 28.

He made a joke, saying, “You’re looking at me, I can take you too.”

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