Biden Attacks 'convicted Felon' Trump, Says 'Something Snapped in Him' - Online Report Says

Biden Attacks ‘convicted Felon’ Trump, Says ‘Something Snapped in Him’ – Online Report Says

WFCN – President Biden attacked President Trump on Monday, claiming that “something snapped” after he lost the 2020 election, following his admission of guilt to supporters at a fundraiser.

This is what is getting more and more obvious every day. In comparison to his first term, Trump’s second term would present a bigger threat. The Trump who was elected in 2016 is not the same person. Biden stated, quoting prepared words, “He’s worse.”

He lost in 2020, and something inside of him broke. He went on, “It is literally driving him crazy that he can’t accept he lost.” He is now running once more. Not only is he fixated on failing in 2020, but he is obviously insane.

Although Biden’s campaign has referred to Trump as a “convicted felon” on multiple occasions since the conviction, this is the first time the president has done so.

According to Biden, “this is the first time in American history that a convicted felon running for president is also a former president.” Even though that is unsettling, Donald Trump’s full-scale attack on the American legal system is more harmful.

Biden Attacks 'convicted Felon' Trump, Says 'Something Snapped in Him' - Online Report Says

The president made the comments at a Greenwich, Connecticut, fundraiser for wealthy contributors. He had earlier on Friday commented on the conviction, calling it “irresponsible” for Trump to claim the trial was rigged.


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Telling supporters on Monday, Biden said he believed Trump was running to maintain his freedom.

The president declared, “Trump has made it clear that he is running for revenge throughout this campaign.” “It’s evident that he is concerned about maintaining his freedoms now that he has been found guilty of crimes.”

The president also summarized recent remarks made by Trump, such as his claims that if he is not elected, there will be a “blood bath” and that he will impose dictatorship on the first day of any prospective second term.

On Thursday, a jury convicted Trump guilty on all charges of fabricating financial documents to hide alleged extramarital affairs during the 2016 presidential campaign. Since then, Trump has declared that the trial was “rigged” and promised to file an appeal.

In a brief statement posted on the social media site X on Thursday night, the president stated, “There’s only one way to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office: At the ballot box.” He also asked for donations to the 2024 election.

In its initial statement following the decision, his team referred to Trump as a convicted felon and used the occasion to seek funds for the 2024 contest.

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