Upcoming Job Cut ! Three Wisconsin Companies Now Caught Off Guard With Layoffs

Upcoming Job Cut ! Three Wisconsin Companies Now Caught Off Guard With Layoffs

According to WARN letters informing of impending job losses, three employers in Wisconsin have now announced unexpected layoffs.

It’s crucial to remember that companies with more than 100 full-time employees are required under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act to give 60 days’ notice before terminating 50 or more workers at one location.

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development must receive these.

According to information provided by Charter Communications, when the entire plant shutters in August, 122 workers in Fond du Lac would lose their employment.

In August, Baxter Health Corp. will also be shutting a location.

Upcoming Job Cut ! Three Wisconsin Companies Now Caught Off Guard With Layoffs

32 employees in Milwaukee will lose their jobs as a result.

Sun Nuclear Corporation sent a warning to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development earlier this week.


A Gigantic Company Has Now Announced Virginia Layoffs Without Warning

The Middleton firm said that 39 employees would be let off as a result of a plant shutdown.

There are more firms in Wisconsin that are also making layoffs in addition to these three.

A list of more businesses that have slashed employment in Wisconsin this year is shown below:

  • A restructure that would result in many layoffs was announced by Wisconsin’s Concordia University.
  • The Wisconsin-based company Mercury Marine has stated that it would be laying off 300 employees as a result of a decline in customer demand. The corporation plans to implement the layoffs through July as part of its attempts to modify operations in response to the current economic climate.
  • On June 17, 62 employees of Bon Appetit Management were let go from an Appleton location.
  • The Franklin production site of Strauss Brands will no longer be producing goods. Consequently, up to 70 employees of the organization will be permanently laid off.
  • As a result of Ward Manufacturing’s Milwaukee plant closure, 62 employees will lose their jobs on August 1.
  • On June 30, Sodexo is shutting a site in West Allis, which will result in the loss of 50 jobs.
  • On July 26, 105 employees of Walmart would lose their jobs due to the company’s closure of a Milwaukee location.
  • In Hawkins, JELD-WEN Inc. is shutting a store. On June 10, 338 employees will be let go.
  • 30 employees are being let go, according to a statement from Cadrex Manufacturing Solutions.
  • In June, Zoomlion terminated the employment of thirty-one employees at one location.
  • In June, 339 employees of Lakeside Book Company were let go from a location.
  • In Sheboygan Falls, Staff Management Solutions let rid of 87 employees.
  • In June, Sientra shuttered a factory in Milwaukee, which resulted in the layoff of 126 workers.

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