Soon! Closing Time Is Coming Massive Michigan Mall to Shut-Down Operations

Soon! Closing Time Is Coming: Massive Michigan Mall to Shut-Down Operations


This weekend is the last one that a large mall in Michigan will be open as it will be shutting after 48 years of operation on July 1.

The 48-year-old Lakeside Mall in Michigan is set to close this weekend, so take advantage of the final chance to visit.

According to The-Sun, the mall located in Sterling Heights, approximately thirty minutes from Detroit, will permanently close its doors on July 1.

Residents recalled their weekends spent hanging out with friends and going shopping at the mall.

We used to come here as kids and enjoy ice skating, generally on Sundays. Following that, the family would leave,” Michelle Suminski said to the local ABC station WXYZ.

Soon! Closing Time Is Coming Massive Michigan Mall to Shut-Down Operations

On Wednesday, before it closed, she went to Lakeside for a last look.

“Just taking a stroll and seeing all the shuttered shops.


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Simply reflecting on the past and remembering what it was like, Suminksi remarked.

During the estate sale being held at the mall, customers can purchase furniture and equipment as keepsakes.

To be honest, I think I would take a bench. Indeed, a place to rest. Why not? There have been a lot of people there, and it’s an element of the store’s past. James Deler said to the outlet, “I’ll take a bench.”

A nearby charity will receive donations of all proceeds from the sale.

Later this year, specific information on the sale’s date will be made public.

All of the mall’s stores—aside from JCPenney and Macy’s—will be destroyed.

A division of Out of the Box Ventures, Lionheart Capital, and the City of Sterling Heights will work together to reuse various areas of the mall.

There are plans for a $1 billion project on the site that will feature a park, a hotel, and commercial, residential, and retail areas.

Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor expressed gratitude, saying, “We are grateful to have a developer that is as engaged with our local community as Lionheart Capital / Out of the Box Ventures.”

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