Massive Conspiracy! Crime Spree Ends in Arrest Taco Bell Robbery, Stolen Vehicle, Police Chase, and Gunfire

Massive Conspiracy! Crime Spree Ends in Arrest: Taco Bell Robbery, Stolen Vehicle, Police Chase, and Gunfire

Fishers, Indiana (WFCN) –

According to a Facebook post by the Fishers Police Department, an Indianapolis man was taken into custody by Fishers police on Sunday after he discharged a gun, ran from them, stole a car, and robbed a Taco Bell.

The Taco Bell on Allisonville Road was the scene of a robbery and carjacking on Sunday just after 1:30 a.m., according to a report to the Fishers Police Department.

According to Fishers dispatch, four men entered the drive-through window brandishing firearms and made demands for money.

A Dodge Challenger that belonged to one of the victims had been driven off by one of the suspects. When Fishers cops arrived at the Taco Bell, they found the workers and started looking into the matter.

On Allisonville Road, the officers saw the pilfered Dodge Challenger traveling south and started a traffic stop. There was a chase that went into Marion County on Allisonville Road to the south.

Fredrick Nance, 24, of Indianapolis, who was the only person in the automobile, got out of it fast and ran away on foot. The suspect was pursued by a number of police, including a K-9 squad. The handler let go of the K-9 so that it might be apprehended.

Massive Conspiracy! Crime Spree Ends in Arrest: Taco Bell Robbery, Stolen Vehicle, Police Chase, and Gunfire

An officer reported hearing a gunshot during the foot chase. When the shot was fired, the K-9 was ahead of the pursuing police. Neither the K-9 nor the policemen suffered any injuries.

Using a K-9 apprehension, officers apprehended Nance and placed her under arrest. Nance was sent to the Hamilton County Jail after undergoing a medical evaluation.


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Nance possessed many victim-owned pieces of evidence. Not far from where Nance was placed under arrest was a pistol that had been used in the crime. The pistol was a Glock with an attachment for turning it into a machine gun. Nance was unquestionably recognized by the victims as the case’s suspect.

Nance admitted to car theft, robbery, and shooting during an interview with police.

Following his arrest, Nance was charged with robbery, intimidation, pointing a gun at someone, criminal confinement while carrying a deadly weapon, resisting law enforcement, resisting law enforcement with a deadly weapon, criminal recklessness using a deadly weapon, kidnapping while carrying a deadly weapon, and possessing a machine gun.

Anybody with information about the other suspects is asked to phone 317-595-3300, according to the investigators.

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