This Year, California State Fair Attendees Can Buy and Smoke Cannabis

This Year, California State Fair Attendees Can Buy and Smoke Cannabis

Sacramento, California —

This year’s California State Fair will mark the first time that attendees will be able to purchase cannabis on-site, according to Embarc, the event’s partner for onsite sales and use.

Following the signing of legislation by Governor Gavin Newsom permitting legal cannabis events in California, Embarc claims that this is a continuation of the fair’s leadership in the cannabis space.

Embarc co-founder Dustin Moore said, “This is a huge deal.”

In 2022, the State Fair debuted an awards competition and exhibit including cannabis.

“This is the similar exhibit to what folks saw in 2022 and 2023, with the difference that alongside of the awarded products will be QR codes,” stated Moore. “So folks over the age of 21, can pull out their phones and effectively build a cart just as you would in a traditional e commerce shopping setting.”

There will now be more competition for cannabis with on-site sales and usage. It’s a step toward de-stigmatizing cannabis, according to Embarc.

This Year, California State Fair Attendees Can Buy and Smoke Cannabis

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Lauren Carpenter, co-founder of Embarc, said, “Host cannabis sales and consumption is a groundbreaking milestone in destigmatization by facilitating a deeper connection between consumers and the farmers who cultivate their products with such care.”


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The cannabis exhibition hall, which is 21 and up, has displays of California’s leading farms and brands along with historical information about the state’s flower industry.

The whole space is reserved for anyone 21 and above, so kids won’t be able to come anywhere near, allay worries about the fair being a family-friendly event.

“None of these products will be available for your children to touch or view. And considering the strict laws that are in place, I think that’s something we’re really pleased of,” Moore remarked.

For those over 21, there will also be a 30,000 square foot consumption lounge. The consuming location, a tent outside, will be situated far from any places where people don’t want to see or smell marijuana users, according to officials.

New categories for pre-rolls, concentrates, cartridges, edibles, beverages, and wellness items are included in this year’s cannabis competition.

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