California Bars and Nightclubs Required to Offer 'Roofie Tests' Under New Law Beginning July

California Bars and Nightclubs Required to Offer ‘Roofie Tests’ Under New Law Beginning July

Sacramento, California: A recent California state legislation mandates that bars and nightclubs supply test strips to determine whether a drink has been tainted in an effort to lower the number of sexual assault cases.

Starting on July 1, patrons of pubs and nightclubs can determine whether their drink has been tampered with.

Assembly Bill 1013 requires license holders of alcoholic beverages to provide drug testing devices to customers either for free or at a discounted price.

The bill, authored by Assembly Member Josh Lowenthal, mandates that establishments holding a Type 48 license from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) show signage in a clear place informing patrons that drug testing kits are available for testing for commonly used date-rape medications.

California Bars and Nightclubs Required to Offer 'Roofie Tests' Under New Law Beginning July

ABC states that a notice stating, “Don’t be roofied! These are the drug test kits for drinks that have been spiked. For further information, ask a staff member.

Sadly, most sexual assaults go unreported, according to Long Beach Democrat Lowenthal.


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While it might not be able to apprehend those who put drugs in people’s drinks, according to Lowenthal, it can raise awareness and make such people reconsider their actions.

Lowenthal stated, “It is difficult to catch people after the fact; everything has to be about prevention.” “Date rape drugs that completely incapacitate you, like ketamine and GHB, are the drugs that are being used these days.”

According to Lowenthal, staff members from his office and other staff members working at the legislature have been the victims of drinks that have been tampered with. He is aware that the issue requires a great deal of effort to solve.

“I own a bar and restaurant myself,” Lowenthal remarked. “I can assure you that, as a sector, we find it unbelievable that we could be unintentionally supporting sexual assault; the last thing we want is for this to occur in our spaces.”

According to Lowenthal, more legislation addressing drink spiking is presently being considered by lawmakers. One such bill would mandate that all establishments provide drink lids to patrons upon request.

In addition, the alcohol training package should include information on how to identify roofing training and mandate that establishments notify law enforcement if someone reports that their drinks have been tampered with.

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