Stolen Motorhome Chase Duo Accused of Leading DPS, Nevada Police on Pursuit

Stolen Motorhome Chase: Duo Accused of Leading DPS, Nevada Police on Pursuit

WFCN – A stolen motorhome was reported by someone shortly before 6 p.m. on U.S. 93 in the White Hills region, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The RV was traveling south.

At Golden Valley, approximately 10 miles northwest of Kingman, and around 33 miles south of the initial report, troopers discovered the motorhome.

Troops attempted to stop Joshua Bailey and the woman in the RV, but they veered to the right side of the road, according to the DPS.

The pair, however, soon took off and headed back south.

To stop the RV, troopers claimed to have attempted a spike strip, but to no avail.

Stolen Motorhome Chase Duo Accused of Leading DPS, Nevada Police on Pursuit

Image: Las Vegas Review – Journal

As per the DPS, Bailey proceeded northward by driving over the median.

The two were pursued by troopers in a DPS helicopter through northern Arizona and into Nevada after the agency reported it had given up on them in the White Hills area.

Approximately seven o’clock at night, Bailey and the woman traveled into Boulder City, which is located roughly 26 miles southeast of Las Vegas.


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The National Park Service law enforcement rangers apparently tried multiple times to stop the motorhome by setting up spike strips, but to no avail, according to the Boulder City Police Department.

Approximately 26 miles southeast of Las Vegas, in Boulder City, the suspect was discovered. They detained her.

Bailey went on through the streets of the city and into a trailhead. Police reported that he abandoned the motorhome close to US 93 and Canyon Road, riding off on a bicycle he had stored inside.

When he rode through neighborhoods, DPS troopers in their aircraft followed him.

About 1.5 miles from the RV, he was located and taken into custody by Boulder City police.

Following treatment for minor wounds, a BCPD was discharged from the hospital.

A suspended license, reckless driving, and eluding a peace officer were among the several offenses that led to Bailey’s booking into jail.

A DPS recommendation for potential crimes in Arizona and prosecution for purported offenses in another Nevada city await him, according to the BCPD.

A warrant from a different Nevada county was the reason the woman was checked into jail.

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