Arizona Authorities Seize Meth, Fentanyl in Twin Drug Busts on Opposite Sides of State

Arizona Authorities Seize Meth, Fentanyl in Twin Drug Busts on Opposite Sides of State

(The Central Square) – Significant drug busts in Southern Arizona are still occurring.

A news release states that on June 6, Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers found 138 pounds of drugs, including methamphetamine and fentanyl, in two different instances in Yuma and Tucson.

Troops in Yuma seized 38.6 pounds of pills containing fentanyl after discovering the contraband in an extra tire. This led to the arrest of a suspect.

According to the news release, in addition to the 100 pounds of meth found during the seizure in Tucson, several guns and $8,050 in cash were seized.

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According to the DPS, two suspects in the incident were accused of both transporting and having a “dangerous drug for sale.” According to the news release, this seizure was part of a “residential search warrant” being served, not a car search like the one that happened in Yuma.

Trafficking in illegal drugs, particularly fentanyl, is thought to be a regular problem at the southern border.


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A Center Square study stated that in May alone, hundreds of millions of pills—enough to kill an estimated 28.5 million people—were intercepted by US Customs and Border Protection agents in Nogales. When recovered by law enforcement, these tablets are frequently found concealed in car parts.

Voters in Arizona will have a unique opportunity to shape border policy on November’s ballot thanks to a provision in the “Secure the Border Act” or House Concurrent Resolution 2060 that would elevate the sale of deadly fentanyl to a class two felony with a five-year minimum and maximum sentence.

The proposal’s most noteworthy component would be adding unlawful border crossings to the list of state crimes.

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