Delaware Man Arrested for Stealing $11K Worth of Cigarettes from Walgreens State Police

Delaware Man Arrested for Stealing $11K Worth of Cigarettes from Walgreens: State Police

Police say that a man from Delaware is suspected of robbing a Walgreens store of smokes valued at over $11,000.

According to Delaware State Police, the incident occurred on Thursday at the Walgreens on New Linden Hill Road in Wilmington. They posted about it on Facebook.

The agency wrote, “Yep, you read that right—eleven thousand dollars’ worth of smokes!”

The man went behind the counter and took the haul of smokes while an employee was working in another area of the store, according to the police.

State police have reported that a man from Delaware is suspected of taking $11,000 worth of smokes from a Walgreens store. The event has sparked an investigation into the manner in which the robbery was carried out and generated concerns over retail theft.

Delaware Man Arrested for Stealing $11K Worth of Cigarettes from Walgreens State Police

Image – New York Post

After identifying the culprit, the Delaware State Police are currently trying to find him. Although they haven’t revealed the suspect’s name yet, they have given the public and other law enforcement organizations access to descriptions and pictures from the surveillance footage in an effort to learn more about his whereabouts.


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“We are working diligently to apprehend the suspect and are taking this incident very seriously,” a Delaware State Police official stated. “The community as a whole is impacted by retail theft in addition to businesses. Anyone with knowledge of this crime is urged to come forward.

Delaware and nationwide businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about retail theft. A huge impact on store operations, employee morale, and consumer prices could result from the substantial loss of $11,000 in products. Like a lot of other shops, Walgreens will probably step up security to stop similar occurrences from happening again.

Walgreens has responded to the theft by announcing that they will be reevaluating their security procedures and putting in place extra safeguards to stop future occurrences. Increasing the amount of security cameras, recruiting more guards, and educating staff members to spot and handle possible theft are a few possible solutions.

Delaware State Police are urging anyone with information regarding the theft or the suspect to get in touch with them right now. Anonymous tips are welcome, and information that helps apprehend the perpetrator could be rewarded.

The theft of cigarettes valued at $11,000 from Walgreens brings attention to the persistent problem of retail theft and its wider ramifications. Law enforcement and retailers are working together to address and reduce these types of crimes while the investigation is ongoing, with the goal of safeguarding businesses and the communities they serve.

To locate the suspect, authorities are asking for the public’s assistance. Call Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-847-3333 if you have any information regarding his whereabouts.

“Your tip could be the match that lights up this case!” the police stated.

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