Now Taste Is One! These Costco's Ice Cream Outshines Name Brands, Customers Say

Now Taste Is One! These Costco’s Ice Cream Outshines Name Brands, Customers Say

It’s a classic for a reason, even if some people might find vanilla ice cream boring. Add an a la mode touch to sweets like pies, brownies, and cakes, or elevate breakfast mainstays like pancakes and waffles with vanilla’s basic (in the nicest way) and flexible flavor profile.

Just a few toppings will serve to take a single scoop or two to the next level: caramel, hot fudge, candy bits, crumbled cookies, and fresh fruit all work well.

Bad ice cream, of course, is beyond even a mountain of toppings. That is why it is crucial to start with a strong foundation and pick a brand that is respected and prioritized for its flavor.

Reddit claims that Costco’s Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream is a superior brand of vanilla ice cream compared to other grocery store brands.

Why Consumers Enjoy Kirkland Signature Vanilla Ice Cream So Much?

The rich and creamy texture, overall flavor, and adaptability of Costco’s vanilla ice cream have made it extremely popular.

Ultimately, the secret is in the ingredients and manufacturing method, which imparts a delightful thickness and vanilla scent that a lot of consumers find irresistible. “It’s one of the strongest vanilla flavors I’ve had in an ice cream,” comments user dbrwhat.

Now Taste Is One! These Costco's Ice Cream Outshines Name Brands, Customers Say

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In order to give the ice cream its distinctive thick texture, two different types of gums, fresh cream, sugar, eggs, and skim milk are among the few ingredients listed.

Furthermore, the product has the classification “super premium,” indicating that the milk fat density exceeds that of the air, according to the International Dairy Foods Association. Since most store-bought vanilla ice creams are thinner and less creamy, this one feels thicker.

In another post, Redditor always said, “It’s creamy, thick, sweet enough but not overly sweet,” describing the texture as “borderline cold stone.”


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There are others who argue that the vanilla ice cream is better than well-known name brands since it is more reasonably priced and offers more value. It is similar to pint-sized vanilla products such as Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs, but the price per volume is doubled. Therefore, indeed, it’s worthwhile, said Redditor nicebrah.

Tips for Savoring Costco’s Kirkland Vanilla Ice Cream

Even though the flavor of the fragrant, creamy vanilla is so strong on its own, you can always eat it simple. However, for an even greater flavor boost, try experimenting with other toppings and add-ins.

Scoop toppings like cherry preserves or a dab of strawberry syrup are among the combinations and advice that a few Redditors mentioned that they love.

To make a dessert, Patient-War-4964, a user, suggests getting the apple empanadas from the frozen department, putting them in the air fryer, and topping them with some Kirkland vanilla ice cream. Some people expressed a preference for chocolate syrup, fresh berries, or syrup with a berry flavor.

Presumably, it is not shocking that the Kirkland vanilla ice cream makes delicious milkshakes. There are two pairings that Redditor Grumbul really like.


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“Sencha Everyday Matcha from the Costco website or Sprecher Root Beer for floats go really well with the KS vanilla,” they said. “I mix a teaspoon of green tea powder with a bowl of ice cream to make matcha until there are no lumps and the mixture resembles a milkshake.”

Best of all, there are countless ways to play with the Costco vanilla ice cream because it’s dependably delicious and quite adaptable.

According to Reddit user RedMachine-813, “I had it with mixed berries last night and made my own berry sundae; other nights I want just the ice cream and chocolate syrup.”

For our part, it seems obvious to enjoy the two together now that Costco has announced the temporary return of its well-loved s’mores cookie this summer. And Costco provides a ton of other delectable frozen goodies for when we’re feeling a bit less basic.

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