Soon! This Is The Massive Food Company Announces Closure of Oregon Plant

Soon! This Is The Massive Food Company Announces Closure of Oregon Plant


Well Done! According to sources, a large food manufacturer is currently closing a plant in Oregon, which would result in the loss of more than 330 jobs.

According to Campbell Soup, two plants will close and one will go smaller.

In an effort to increase the competitiveness of its supply chain, it is also investing $230 million through fiscal 2026 in newer, more efficient operations, according to Manufacturing Dive.

The company that creates Pacific’s organic soup, broth, and plant-based beverages is closing its Tualatin, Oregon, facility. The company also makes snacks.

The plant will close gradually, with activities ending in July 2026.

Soon! This Is The Massive Food Company Announces Closure of Oregon Plant


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According to Campbell, 330 employees in Oregon would be affected by the layoffs.

The packaged food giant also intends to shift production of kettle potato chips to other sites and concentrate output at its Jeffersonville, Indiana, factory on tortilla chips starting in late July.

A total of 85 roles will be impacted by the move.

As businesses strive to restructure their supply chains in order to improve productivity and save expenses, Campbell is the most recent to implement significant modifications to its system.

Dan Poland, chief supply chain officer at Campbell’s, stated, “We must invest and further strengthen our supply chain to fuel growth and transform our manufacturing and distribution network.”

“We’ll keep producing the best products possible using a more adaptable, cost-efficient, and agile manufacturing network.”

The business announced that it will invest in its facilities in Franklin, Wisconsin; Hanover, Pennsylvania; and Maxton, North Carolina.

210 new roles will be created as a result of the adjustments.

By the end of 2024, Campbell intends to grow production of its Goldfish crackers in Richmond, Utah, by fifty percent.

As a result, the website will add 80 new positions.

In order to create its “supply chain of the future,” Campbell is still “evaluating optimization opportunities,” he continued.

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