Best Diet Is Best You! Panera Launches Four New Cold Beverages Perfect For Cooling Down

Best Diet Is Bes! Panera Launches Four New Cold Beverages Perfect For Cooling Down

Panera has seen a lot of adjustments in the past year. Several menu staples were discreetly removed, leaving fans without their favorite dishes. The things that were once simply rumors vanished from bakery-cafés around the country, which subsequently proved to be true.

But our favorite restaurants always have a strategy, that much is certain. Items may go out of stock, but occasionally customers’ favorites make a permanent comeback with more flavor options or brand-new combos are introduced.

Reimagined classics and fresh menu items were reinstated as part of Panera’s recent New Era menu makeover. In response to feedback from customers and a drive to provide greater value, Panera launched its newest products, according to a news statement.

The cuisine has received the majority of menu modifications, but Panera has recently added four new cool beverages to go with your favorite dishes.

Four New Fruit-Flavored Panera Drinks are Now Available

PANERA With four new refreshing beverages, PANERA is bringing in the summer. The fast-casual restaurant stopped serving its Charged Lemonades because of their high caffeine level, and now offers fruit-flavored drinks instead.

Previously, Panera’s Unlimited Sip Club included these drinks. For a set monthly or yearly cost, users can select from more than 20 beverages on the list and fill up a cup at any Panera store. With the exception of the Tropical Green Smoothie, every new drink is part of the Unlimited Sip Club subscription.

The latest selection consists of a blend of tea and fruit-based drinks:

Best Diet Is Best You! Panera Launches Four New Cold Beverages Perfect For Cooling Down

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Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea: A naturally flavored herbal tea with a hint of sweetness enhanced by a hibiscus and pomegranate combination.

Citrus Punch: The tastes of citrus combine to create a lively and reviving punch. Without the caffeine, it tastes just like the Mango Yuzu Citrus Charged Lemonade.

Blueberry Lavender Lemonade: The newest flavor in Panera’s lemonade collection mixes the delectable flavors of blueberries and lemonade with delicate floral notes of lavender.

Tropical Green Smoothie: Previously known as Green Passion Smoothie, this beloved smoothie from Panera has undergone a makeover to incorporate a combination of tropical fruit and spinach.

Panera is giving new customers three complimentary months of Unlimited Sip Club as part of this launch. The benefit of refilling your cup every two hours is added to the possibility of saving you close to $45 in monthly costs.

However, you won’t have long to act—the deal expires on June 30. Don’t worry if you’re unable to cash this time. You may always score a free Unlimited Sip Club deal from Panera at a later time.

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