Man in New York City Was Taken Into Custody After Neighbors Assisted, Arrest on Charges of Raping A 13-year-old Girl

Man in New York City Was Taken Into Custody After Neighbors Assisted, Arrest on Charges of Raping A 13-year-old Girl

According to authorities on Tuesday, a 25-year-old male has been taken into custody in relation to the horrific child sexual assault that has horrified and terrified residents of Queens, New York City, for many days.

Less than three miles from the park where authorities believe the man, identified by police as Christian Inga, ambushed two 13-year-olds in a field after school on Thursday, forced them into the woods at knifepoint, tied them up, and then sexually assaulted the girl, the man was taken into custody at 108th and Waldron Street.

At a news conference on Tuesday, NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said that he arrived in the US on June 25, 2021, traveling through Eagle Pass, Texas, after leaving Ecuador. He lived in a rooming home where his roommates knew him from the NYPD wanted posters.

After the police released a sketch and a video of Inga riding a bike, Jeffrey Flores told NBC New York he recognized the man. Flores made the decision to wait with a few pals at the suspect’s usual bodega, which is located at 108th and Waldon streets, for beverages and cigarettes. Another man claimed that they spent hours waiting for Inga.

Eventually, in the dead of night, he made his appearance.

Man in New York City Was Taken Into Custody After Neighbors Assisted, Arrest on Charges of Raping A 13-year-old Girl

“I informed everyone about the rapist. I gave him a punch. I gave him a kick. “I won’t lie,” Flores declared.

Sources claimed that they began attacking him and dialed 911, requesting that someone come grab him.

“He began screaming in Spanish, ‘Help, help. Flores remarked, “Yeah, that’s what the little girl was saying.” “He tried desperately to run away from his life, but he was unable to do so.”


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Flores claims that he belted Inga’s legs together and placed her in a headlock. According to him, the man didn’t refute the claims of sexual assault, which was supported by a bodega employee who was present at the time.

Yes, he did acknowledge it. “Okay, alright, fine, fine,” he exclaimed. Simply leave me alone and don’t hit me—that’s what Flores said to NBC New York.

Flores said that the man attempted to hide behind a car at one point, but police discovered him and arrested him.

Kenny responded, “We don’t have confirmation of that.” “We’ve heard that they might have tried to stop him from running away by trying to hold his feet together with a belt.”

Additionally, according to Kenny, Inga “indicated he had a drug problem” and waived his Miranda rights. He said, “that this was the first time he’s ever done anything like this,” and claimed to have located the knife used in the purported attack.

Hailed as a local hero, Flores claims that having two sisters and a baby daughter on the way made him feel compelled to capture Inga.

“I feel good about what I done for New York City. That takes one man off the streets,” Flores remarked. “That’s crazy that we got to see him.” You don’t just happen to catch a rapist every day.

The father of two, Inga, is accused of sexual assault, rape, robbery, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of children, and other offenses.

On Friday, a number of senior NYPD officers begged the public for assistance in identifying the stranger with tattoos who they said forced the schoolmates into the woods. A prize of $10,000 had been offered for information that resulted in an arrest.

The suspect’s identity was confirmed, and the police praised the community.

Commissioner Edward Cabán of the NYPD stated, “This is precisely what we mean when we talk about public safety is a shared responsibility.” “The world has once again seen over the last few days how this city’s residents can work together to accomplish tasks like no one else.”


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Investigators said that at approximately 3 p.m., right after school got out for the day, the boy and girl were on a field in Kissena Park when a man with curly hair and braces approached them and insisted they follow him into the woods.

When they refused, he allegedly produced a “large machete-style knife,” according to the police, and led them into a secluded place where he used shoelaces to bind each of their wrists. The 13-year-old girl was then sexually raped by him.

The man gave the kids a 20-minute warning to stay where they were, the kids informed the police. With their phones in hand, he then fled. Following the allotted period, they went back to school and reported the incident to the officials. They made an instant 911 call.

In addition, Cabán stated that the victims provided “crucial” information required for the arrest to be made.

The kids were brought to a hospital in a stable state.

At the scene, a shoelace that might have been used to fasten the kids’ wrists was found.

According to the police, Inga has only been arrested once in Texas but not in New York City.

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