Authorities Track Down Driver Who Left Explosive Propane Trailer on I-5

Authorities Track Down Driver Who Left Explosive Propane Trailer on I-5


The truck driver of the trailer was the subject of increasing suspicion in the 24 hours that followed the explosion of a trailer containing propane tanks on Interstate 5.

But according to Portland police, the driver—whose name is being withheld—reported the incident to a corporate official.

Authorities stated, “The Portland Fire Investigations Unit believes the fire was caused by a mechanical issue and started in the driver’s side wheel well area of the trailer.” “There’s no evidence of any illegal activity.”

According to authorities, there would be no legal requirement for the driver to stay at the site and provide information to the police because the fire was not started by a collision.

Authorities Track Down Driver Who Left Explosive Propane Trailer on I-5

Image – KOIN

According to Portland Fire and Rescue, flames were shooting out of the trailer when the fire started just before five in the morning close to the North Killingsworth intersection.

However, upon arrival at the scene, emergency personnel found that the driver had vanished and that the truck had already been detached from the trailer. The truck driver probably disconnected the tractor from the trailer and left, according to the authorities.


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The tanks started exploding soon after fire crews arrived.

A representative for PF&R, Rick Graves, stated, “Officers believed, upon arrival, that they might be able to stop them quickly.” “After about 15 seconds, they quickly decided to create a safety shadow and have a different plan, as more tanks became involved and started popping like popcorn across the freeway.”

All lanes of I-5 were closed by authorities, and firefighters used almost 5,000 gallons of water to douse the flames.

Dan Peterson, a neighboring neighbor, claimed that as he was messaging a buddy and unwinding in bed with his cat, the incident frightened him.

You understand how the world is these days, so I believed we were at war. The world is becoming unhinged. And I felt so afraid,” he remarked. God, you would think we were in hell.

The roads were reopened on Wednesday morning after being resurfaced and grinded by Oregon Department of Transportation staff.

Authorities don’t think the fire was started on purpose, but the cause is yet unknown.

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