Big Crime Story! Kristin Smart Murderer Ordered to Pay $350K in Restitution

Big Crime Story! Kristin Smart Murderer Ordered to Pay $350K in Restitution

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – Monday’s decision by a California judge mandates that the man found guilty of Kristin Smart’s 1996 murder, a 19-year-old college student, pay her family little more than $350,000 to cover expenses incurred following her passing.

After the family told the court how much they paid for travel, a private investigator, informational billboards, missed paychecks, and a celebration of life gathering, Monterey County Superior Court Judge Jennifer O’Keefe ordered Paul Flores to make the payments last Wednesday.

After Wednesday’s hearing, Kristin’s mother Denise Smart told The Tribune of San Luis Obispo, “It’s demeaning to Kristin’s memory to measure our loss in finances.” Kristin is lost to us.

In reparation, the family had demanded roughly $361,000. If the family wanted to submit further expenses, O’Keefe informed them that they could request additional restitution.

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Whether a defendant is able to pay or not, California courts require those found guilty of crimes to reimburse victims for the costs they incurred. 50% of prison earnings and funds placed in an inmate’s trust account are collected by the state correctional department and used to cover restitution.

May 1996 saw the disappearance of Smart from California Polytechnic State University. She was slain during an attempted rape, according to the prosecution, and Flores, a fellow student, was the last person she was seen with. In 2002, Kristin Smart was pronounced legally deceased.


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Through the submission of more witnesses, the podcast “Your Own Backyard” aided detectives in solving the case. In 2021, Flores was arrested along with his father, Ruben Flores.

The prosecution claimed that after being interred on Ruben Flores’ land, Kristin Smart’s remains were later relocated. The accessory charge against him was dropped.

Following his conviction in October 2022, Paul Flores was given a sentence of 25 years to life in March 2023. Since August 2023, he has experienced two physical attacks while incarcerated.

Last Monday, Denise Smart stated that the family offered to forgo payment if Flores would provide them with the location of Kristin’s body. Harold Mesick, the defense’s counsel for Flores, stated that the whereabouts of her remains was unknown. Mesick stated that Flores upholds his innocence.

On Monday, Denise Smart stated that the offer is still valid.

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