Louisiana Pride Survey Lists 3 Iconic Neighborhoods Among the Nation's Most Beautiful Front Yards

Louisiana Pride: Survey Lists 3 “Iconic” Neighborhoods Among the Nation’s Most Beautiful Front Yards

BATON ROUGE, LA – According to a poll, three areas in Louisiana have some of the most beautiful front yards in the country.

Waste Removal USA conducted a study among 3,000 real estate professionals to ascertain which towns and communities comprised the 130 most beautiful front yards. A press statement was issued announcing the outcomes.

Hawaii’s Manoa neighborhood, located in Honolulu, was named the best in the country. “Older, character-rich homes enveloped in spectacular tropical landscaping” with native plants and flowers characterize the area, according to the announcement.

With its “Mediterranean-style homes amidst lush, tropical gardens,” Coral Gables, Florida, comes in second. Third place goes to Corona del Mar in Newport Beach, California, which has “stunning ocean views and exquisite homes,” according to the statement.

The national survey recognized three neighborhoods in Louisiana.

Louisiana Pride Survey Lists 3 Iconic Neighborhoods Among the Nation's Most Beautiful Front Yards

Described as a “iconic” neighborhood with lush gardens and yards filled with Southern flora and flowers including live oaks, magnolias, and azaleas, the Garden District in New Orleans was named No. 42.


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The Bocage area was ranked No. 98 in Baton Rouge. It is said to have “large, elegant homes with beautifully landscaped front yards” in the report.

Shreveport’s South Highlands was placed No. 121. The front yards of the neighborhood are characterized as “picturesque” and “well-groomed.”

Touring historic homes close to Baton Rouge

These ten communities have the most beautiful front yards.

  1. Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii
  2. Coral Gables, Florida
  3. Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, California
  4. Great Falls, Virginia
  5. Peachtree Heights East, Atlanta, Georgia
  6. Ansley Park, Atlanta, Georgia
  7. Ashland Park, Lexington, Kentucky
  8. Spring Lake, New Jersey
  9. Bar Harbor, Maine
  10. Grosse Pointe, Michigan

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