Here Are the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana For 2024, May Be Mark In Your Calendar

Here Are the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana For 2024 – Mark In Your Calendar

WFCN – Louisiana is an interesting and enjoyable place to visit and live in the United States, despite being frequently ranked as one of the most dangerous states in the union.

The most dangerous cities in Louisiana are found in the state with the highest rate of crime in the nation, so you should definitely give some of these places another look.

It’s shocking to hear that New Orleans is not the state’s most dangerous place to live, despite the fact that crime is a significant problem in many places.

Roadsnacks sourced the FBI statistics utilized to calculate the 2021 crime rates. The most recent list of Louisiana’s most dangerous cities for 2022 may be found at Roadsnacks; the two lists differ slightly in a few minor ways. All cities that are no longer considered among the top ten have been updated on this list.

The total number of crimes reported in a given jurisdiction was divided by the population, and the resulting number was multiplied by 1000 to arrive at the crime rates that are shown below. Counties having less than 2,500 citizens were not included in this calculation.

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana For 2024

Of all, there are wonderful features to even criminally troubled locales, so we have included a reminder of some of the better things about each location below.

10) Gonzales: For every 100,000 property thefts, there are 8,528 offenses

Gonzales is the least dangerous place on our list and is home to an incredible amount of outlet stores.

The only reason Gonzales made it into the top 10 is because of property theft, which is primarily connected to these very outlet malls. So I wouldn’t worry too much about moving here!

9) Of the 100,000 total offenses, 1,144 were violent crimes in New Orleans

Not surprisingly, New Orleans is among the top ten most dangerous places in Louisiana. More than anything, what could surprise people is not so much how low it ranks—it comes in at number nine—as much as how rarely it shows up at all.

However, keep in mind that violent crimes like rape and murder are on the rise when you celebrate Fat Tuesday.

8) West Monroe: Because of the high crime rate, there is a 1 in 13 possibility of property theft

One of the “Twin Cities” of northeastern Louisiana, this 13,000-person town is home to popular spots including Antique Alley and Kiroli Park.

Here Are the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana For 2024 - Mark In Your Calendar

West Monroe is on this list even though it is safer than many of the surrounding communities because of property crime.

7) Natchitoches: of 100,000 recorded offenses, 997 were violent crimes

More than 18,000 people call this city, which was the first permanent settlement built inside the confines of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, home.

It’s well-known for its delicious pork pies. Given that one-third of its citizens live below the poverty line, is it any surprise that the municipality of Natchitoches has the third-highest rate of burglaries in the whole state of Louisiana?

6) Ponchatoula: 6,993 property crimes for per 100,000 residents

Ponchatoula feels even more dangerous than the other big cities because it is a quiet, small village with minimal activity. One possible explanation for the increased rate of property crime is that people are getting bored and need something to do.


Updates! New 550-Camera System in St. John Parish Enhances Crime-Fighting Efforts

Don’t miss the beautiful Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, which takes place there, if you’re ever in the area. Just be careful with your wallet. Update: Ponchatoula is no longer listed among the top ten most dangerous locations in Louisiana in the 2022 updated list.

5) Monroe: There is a 1 in 56 chance of violence there

The hamlet that comprises the second part of the “Twin Cities” was first known as Fort Miro and is home to more than 50,000 people.

The steamer James Monroe, which made a port call at the town in the early 1800s, inspired the choice of the name Monroe. Furthermore, among cities, Monroe has the third-highest rate of victims of violent crimes.

4) Bastrop: The likelihood of a property crime is one in twelve.

There are roughly 11,000 people living in this tiny rural city in Morehouse Parish. Bastrop was severely impacted by the 2008 closures of the IPC paper mill and the Pilgrim’s Pride chicken factory.

This small town is heading in the right path as seen by the recent decline in violent and property crimes. Update: The updated 2022 list no longer has Bastrop among Louisiana’s top ten dangerous areas.

3) Marksville: 1 in 45 chance of violent crime

Marksville is a little town facing a significant problem: the threat of violent crime there is the second highest in Louisiana.

And the population is just a bit over five thousand! The higher than normal crime rates in the town might be related to the casino.

2) Alexandria: The likelihood of a property crime is one in eleven

About 48,000 people live in Alexandria, which is situated on the Red River in almost the exact geographic center of Louisiana. It is the core of Alexandria’s metropolis, which is inhabited by about 153,000 people.

It is ranked number two on our list and top in Louisiana overall for property crime. Moreover, their crime rate is four times greater than the national average! Visit the Alexandria Zoological Park rather than engaging with humans.

1) Opelousas: 1 in 40 cases of violent offenses

This third-old Louisiana community is home to about 16,000 people and is known as the heart of zydeco music. Opelousas claims itself as the spice center of the world, and it is home to products from Tony Chachere, Targil Seasonings, and Savoie.

And according to our list, it’s the riskiest place in Louisiana to live. Maybe Opelousas may be able to modify this in the near future, as this neighborhood has only recently been the most dangerous.

People, the numbers don’t lie. To see how we arrived at these rankings, visit the website by clicking this link.

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