Arizona Mail and Package Theft Case Potentially Linked to Las Vegas Incidents

Arizona Mail and Package Theft Case Potentially Linked to Las Vegas Incidents

Two individuals who were detained in Arizona for allegedly robbing post offices in several states may be related to comparable instances that occurred in Las Vegas.

Authorities in Arizona claim that earlier this month, at a post office, a mail carrier uniform-wearing individual grabbed outgoing mail and fled in an SUV. A comparable occurrence that happened at a separate post office in Arizona was then brought to the attention of investigators.

More mail theft occurrences occurred in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, it was discovered throughout the investigation. According to the suspect description from the occurrences in Arizona, the suspect in those situations was the same.

After a local theft, witnesses were able to obtain the license plate number of the suspected vehicle, which allowed them to follow it down to a motel in Phoenix. Law enforcement officers saw blue attire—possibly a mail carrier uniform—inside the patrol car. Next, two individuals were placed under arrest.


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Numerous checks made payable to different individuals were found by the officers inside the suspects’ hotel room, according to police records.

Charges of criminal impersonation, theft, and conspiracy were brought against the suspects when they were taken into custody.

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