Florida Home to Three of the Weirdest Small Towns in the U.S. - Check Here

Florida Home to Three of the Weirdest Small Towns in the U.S. – Check Here

There are a variety of reasons why the strangest small communities in the US are strange. It also shouldn’t be shocking that three of the top 20 on the list reside in Florida.

The top 20 communities were listed by Ranker in a list that served as somewhat of a tour guide to the strangest tiny towns in America. Centralia, Pennsylvania, comes in first.

Due to an abandoned coal mine that has been burning beneath the town since 1962, not many people now reside there. The primary thoroughfare in the town is unbearably hot, with no end in sight. The fire may rage for another 250 years, according to experts.

In Florida, Yeehaw Junction

134 people are in the population

The Most Oddball Small Towns in Florida

To begin with, Florida is home to a large number of odd town names. There are many strange things to see, including Fluffy Landing, Yeehaw Junction, and even the village of Two Egg. Despite their names being uncommon, such towns aren’t all that unique.

Florida Home to Three of the Weirdest Small Towns in the U.S. - Check Here

Given that Florida is essentially the craziest state in the union, let’s examine the three most peculiar tiny towns that you may visit. Or perhaps steer clear of it, based on your degree of adventure.

Sunshine Village, Florida

The largest registered sex offender community in the US is called Miracle Village. A Christian ministry that assists people in reintegrating into society developed the village, which is situated on the southeast corner of Lake Okeechobee. Approximately 200 sex offenders with records reside here.

Gibsonton, Florida

A community close south of Tampa, where the warm, inviting atmosphere during the off-season is used by carnival workers and sideshow human attractions.


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“Percilla the Monkey girl, the Anatomical Wonder, and Grady Stiles Lobster Boy once lived in Gibsonton,” according to Atlasobscura.

The only post office in the nation with a counter short enough for dwarves to use used to be located in Gibsonton, where Siamese twin sisters operated a fruit stand. This town has a rich carnival heritage.

The Villages, Florida

The amiable retirement community in Florida. Everyone has heard tales of the members of this retirement community acting promiscuously.

The New York Post reports that this small hamlet has some of the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases in Florida.

To let others know what you’re up to, The Villages even have a loofa code. I suppose this is the definition of an active retirement.

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