Update Husband Killed in DC Hit-and-Run Identified by Police

Update: Husband Killed in DC Hit-and-Run Identified by Police


Authorities in Washington, D.C., are still looking for the driver of a fatal hit-and-run that claimed the life of a man who was being dragged across a parking lot.

Police on Thursday named the deceased as Southeast D.C. resident Alton Kelly, 62. Just after noon on Wednesday, authorities say, a white Ford Taurus was traveling east in the 2800 block of Alabama Avenue SE when it crossed Naylor Road.

Kelly and his spouse were struck by the car at the crossroads while they were attempting to cross Alabama Avenue in or close to the Naylor Road crosswalk. Kelly was pulled beneath the vehicle on the 2900 block of Denver Street, SE, and through a parking lot until coming to rest several hundred feet away from the vehicle.

His spouse was brought to the hospital on Thursday with severe but non-life-threatening injuries; authorities did not reveal her identity.

When Victor Sanchez heard a noise, he initially believed the automobile had struck a traffic cone. Victor Sanchez is employed by a construction business that has been working on Denver Street for approximately a week.

Update Husband Killed in DC Hit-and-Run Identified by Police

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“When I saw the car, I yelled at him to stop! Stay put. “Stop, stop!” said Sanchez. “He never stopped.”

Alva, Kelly’s twin sister, chatted on the phone with FOX 5 on Thursday. Alva Kelly, a resident of North Carolina, claims that her brother’s eye problem occurred approximately 15 years ago as a result of a side effect from conjunctivitis medicine.


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She murmured, “I’m just heartbroken right now.” “Not having his eyesight and being hit by a car, that was one of the things he feared the most and just to know that he passed like, it’s just heartbreaking.”

She also mentioned how hardworking her brother was. She added that despite physical issues, her brother continued to work as long as he could.

“People loved him. He was a kind individual who cherished the Lord. He was concerned about his kids and his family. He was an excellent brother, husband, and father. We all cherished him,” she remarked.

There were still marks from the hit-and-run apparent on Thursday in the 2900 block of Denver Street, where Jestine McCall resides. McCall stated to FOX 5 that this exemplified a worrisome and grave disregard for human life.

“No, it doesn’t surprise me. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that there are balloons, teddy bears, and flowers left out in all of these neighborhoods where a car has damaged or injured someone. even gunfire and other such incidents. It’s awful,” McCall exclaimed.

Having lived on Denver Street for around seven years, she claims that people frequently seem to disregard traffic regulations and the posted speed restrictions.

“All of this noise, the cars rushing down the street, is audible to me. They find it amusing,” she remarked. “This needs to be addressed in some way. It does not follow that just because you might not have a lot of money you you

don’t live by a set of moral principles. They disregard moral principles and human life, yet they don’t care. They are indifferent.”

Alva stated that Kelly’s family is attempting to help one another as they cope with the unanticipated loss.

“Please just turn yourself in if you have a heart and a conscience of any kind. You took our father, our spouse, and our sibling. You removed him from our lives. She addressed the driver, saying, “Please turn yourself in. We have to look to the Lord for forgiveness.”

Police said that after searching the area, they discovered the suspicious car to be empty. As of this writing, the driver is still missing.

Call the police at (202) 727-9099 if you have any information, or text your tip to 50411, the department’s text tip line.

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