‘Could Have Been Shot and Killed’ Florida Teens Arrested Over Risky TikTok Challenge

‘Could Have Been Shot and Killed’: Florida Teens Arrested Over Risky TikTok Challenge

A TikTok challenge saw two Florida teenagers breaking down doors to homeowners’ houses, which led to their identification and arrest via security footage.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, the two 15-year-olds acknowledged to kicking in the front doors of four residences, which led to their arrest on multiple counts of burglary of a dwelling.

In the past fortnight, deputies in Spring Hill have reported that they have looked into four accounts of unidentified persons approaching a home’s front door in the wee hours of the morning and smashing it.

There were times, according to deputies, when the kicks’ impact blew the door open.

Both boys acknowledged to kicking the front doors, according to deputies, and they resided a short stroll from the four residences.

IMAGE Source: The Daily Caller

Authorities claim that a teenager informed officers that they had kicked doors in retaliation for the “Door Kick Challenge,” a social media popularization.

According to the teenager, they had no intention of going inside any of the houses.


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Sheriff Al Nienhuis stated, “There were multiple reasons why this situation was extremely dangerous.”

The homeowner may have shot and killed these young men in the course of properly defending the residence, to start. In the second place, the homeowner would have had to deal with the guilt of killing two teens for engaging in a foolish action if this had happened.

According to authorities, the two teenagers were taken into custody on four charges of breaking into a house.

Following their detention at the Hernando County Detention Center for processing, both of them were returned to their parents’ custody.

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