Unexpected Closure Are Here Clothing Store Shuts Down All Locations In America

Unexpected Closure Are Here: Clothing Store Shuts Down All Locations In America


A surprising apparel retailer has just filed for bankruptcy and is currently closing all of its locations, with only days to go till it goes out of business.

After announcing the closure of a small number of businesses, Bob’s businesses later revealed that all of their locations would be closing.

Regrettably, the store was unable to secure the necessary funds to maintain business as usual.

Shops in several states are having “going out of business” sales in the last days, including CT, MA, NH, NJ, NY, and RI.

All products, including shoes and team apparel, are up to 70% off.

Brands such as Carhartt, Nike, and Adidas are available at Bob’s, along with merchandise from MLB, NBA, and NFL teams.

Unexpected Closure Are Here Clothing Store Shuts Down All Locations In America

July 14 will be the last day of operation, according to the firm.

President Dave Barton expressed regret that the liquidation of Bob’s Stores was required due to the company’s financial situation.


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For almost seventy years, Bob’s has been an integral part of our towns, and we take great pride in the fact that our customers often recall us as the place they went to celebrate important life events.

For all the help they’ve given us over the years, we’re thankful to our vendors, suppliers, consumers, and staff.

The closure news devastated consumers regardless of the bargains offered by the liquidation sale.

“Amazon wins again,” X shopper Kevin wrote.

As someone who lives in Southington, I find it disheartening. The sole retailer in town selling sneakers is this one,” a regular customer from a Connecticut store wrote.

The closures were unexpected, according to another local.

The announcement came as a shock to everyone, but Bob’s Stores Footwear & Apparel is closing unexpectedly on Sunday. They urged customers to “get in now” to redeem their gift cards and prizes before the store closed.

Nonetheless, industry insiders claim they anticipated it.

“Bob’s and EMS know how to run good, profitable, and productive stores that offer great merchandise with great value,” said Burt Flickinger III, managing director of retail and consumer goods consulting firm Strategic Resource Group, in an interview with CT Insider.

“Retail, however, is plunging downward at an alarming rate.”

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