Alert! Pennsylvania's Giant Grocery Store Set to Close

Alert! Pennsylvania’s Giant Grocery Store Set to Close


Some say that after more than 45 years of service, a large Pennsylvania grocery shop is finally closing its doors.

With a notice on the door, customers at the nearby Wawa convenience store were informed of the news.

Biz Journals reports that this week, the Wawa in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Port Richmond neighborhood will close.

The well-liked convenience store has been standing at 3230 Richmond Street for 45 years.

July 9 is the last day that the store will be open for business.

There was a message on the door to let local shoppers know about the sudden closure.

Alert! Pennsylvania's Giant Grocery Store Set to Close

This shutdown at Port Richmond brings the total number of Wawa stores in Philadelphia that have closed in the last eight years to eight.


Unexpected Closure Are Here: Clothing Store Shuts Down All Locations In America

Around fifty different Wawa stores can be found in Philadelphia.

At least according to Scrape Hero, the following states are home to the grocery store.

  • The number of people in New Jersey—288
  • South Florida: 280
  • The state of Pennsylvania hosts 253
  • The state of Virginia has 110
  • Maryland: 65
  • Delaware has 49
  • Country of Washington: 5

However, convenience stores around the country are going out of business, and Wawa isn’t the only one.

7-Eleven will be closing 272 stores in the United States this year, according to CBS News.

While details regarding the exact sites and shutdown dates are yet unknown, fans were understandably bummed to hear of the forthcoming closures.

Would you believe that 7-Eleven is shuttering more than 270 stores? “We’re gonna screw up,” one X-fan lamented.

Popular convenience store business shuttered 184 stores in the United States last year.

This year, 7-Eleven plans to close 88 more locations than in the previous year if all goes according to plan.

If MSN is to be believed, the chain still plans to open more than 270 stores this year, even with all the closures.

Among the many US-based businesses set to close in the wake of the impending retail apocalypse is the ubiquitous Walgreens, a pharmacy and convenience shop.

According to Walgreens CEO Tim Wentworth’s interview with The Wall Street Journal, the company may shutter as many as 25% of its 2,600 stores in the United States.

This is a turnaround, Wentworth stated.

He went on to say, “We recognize that we need to be focused on what are the parts of the business that we believe are contributing and have a future, and some of those need to change.”

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