This Is The Popular Charlotte Bakery Shuts Down The Reasons Behind the Closure - 'Here Now'

This Is The Popular Charlotte Bakery Shuts Down: The Reasons Behind the Closure – ‘Here Now’

Charlotte, North Carolina ( WFCN )

A well-known cupcake store in Charlotte that has been operating for more than 17 years is closing due to growing rent and supply costs.

The proprietor of SAS Cupcakes, located in the Blakeney district of south Charlotte, claimed that because the operational costs are so high, the business cannot continue.

Owner Kaitlyn Alvas said, “It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made.” “I can’t afford to carry on in the current direction. The cost of items is rising significantly, and our rent is already costly.

There are now more ingredients needed to make delectable cupcakes.

“In the last four years, the cost of a bag of powdered sugar has doubled,” Alvas said. “Butter has gone crazy, and, at the end of the day, I can only charge so much for a cupcake.”

This Is The Popular Charlotte Bakery Shuts Down The Reasons Behind the Closure - 'Here Now'

Ten years ago, Alvas purchased the bakery after beginning her career at the cupcake store fifteen years prior and rising to the position of manager.


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“The activities and witnessing the children’s happiness on their faces have been my favorite parts,” Alvas said. “I’ve had kids who I catered birthday parties for when they were little, and when they were sixteen, they came to work for me.”

Teddy Hodges frequently visits SAS Cupcakes with his father, Daniel.

Daniel Hodges remarked, “We’ve been coming here a few times a week for a long time.” “It’s awful.” We wish for them to remain open. This location won’t be replaced anytime soon.

The store will be open until June 15 and will be hosting unique in-store events during that time.

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