Tax-free Holiday Helps Residents Save and Prepare for Upcoming Storms, How Should You Save Or Safe Your Money

Tax-free Holiday Helps Residents Save and Prepare for Upcoming Storms, How Should You Save Or Safe Your Money?

WFCN – Hurricane season is approaching in Florida, so it’s time to get ready. The Sunshine State is subject to erratic and occasionally severe weather, even with its well-loved moniker—especially during the summer.

Record-breaking rainfall, strong thunderstorms, and tornadoes struck North Florida lately, causing damage to homes and businesses and knocking out power to over 200,000 households.

Floridians are reminded to stock up on hurricane supplies now, by the storms that have hit the Panhandle. Making a plan and adequately securing their houses is imperative for Floridians this storm season.

Fortunately, this year’s hurricane supplies will cost less for Floridians when they purchase.

With the passage of House Bill 7073, which would have reduced taxes by $1.07 billion, the Florida Legislature made cost-cutting for its constituents a top priority this session. Four historic sales tax holidays, including the yearly Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, are renewed by the new act, which Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law last month.

During the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, Florida residents can receive discounts on a variety of tax-free items, such as gas tanks, batteries, radios, tarps, pet supplies and food, and more. For even greater savings on these necessities, our Florida businesses frequently offer additional discounts.

With the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicting an exceptionally active Atlantic hurricane season, there has never been a better time to save money on disaster preparedness.


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The sales tax holiday for disaster preparedness started on June 1 and ends on June 14. Residents of Florida who endeavor to fortify their houses and increase the resiliency of our communities will not be required to pay sales tax on a lengthy list of qualifying items. Families can take advantage of these cost advantages with the assistance of our local retail team members.

By the end of the summer, households in Florida will have another chance to save on qualifying storm sales purchases. From Saturday, August 24, through Friday, September 6, 2024, the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday will be back, coinciding with the height of the hurricane season.

During the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, don’t forget to “Find It In Florida” and support your community. Spending money locally creates new jobs, boosts the local economy, and improves the vibrancy of Florida’s distinctive neighborhoods with every dollar spent.

Over 387,000 retailers are based in Florida. Approximately one-third of all occupations in the Sunshine State are related to retail in Florida, where over 4 million people are employed. An estimated $357 billion is generated annually for Florida’s economy through this industry.

Over the hurricane season, our devoted retail team members will work to provide you peace of mind by protecting your house and loved ones. The stores that are here to assist you both before and after the storm should always be supported.

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