Shocking Incident Man Tries to Drown Twin Toddlers After Discovering Mother's 'Witchcraft Materials'

Shocking Incident: Man Tries to Drown Twin Toddlers After Discovering Mother’s ‘Witchcraft Materials’

Over the weekend, authorities in Connecticut detained a man they suspected of drowning his twin daughters at a beach, citing his “tumultuous relationship” with their mother as the reason for the horrific act.

Romney Desronvil, 41, is said to have gone into a frenzy after telling authorities he had discovered “witchcraft” associated with the children’s biological mother.

The information, he claimed, indicated that the woman might have been casting a hex designed to “wish ill on another male.” Desronvil sensed he was in danger right away. He once shouted on the beach that his kids’ mother wanted to murder him.

The father said he drove onto the beach at around two in the morning to talk to another child, who reportedly confirmed his suspicions, but got scared when he saw a police car passing by. The father admitted to kidnapping the twins, who were under three, from their New York home. Before diving into the ocean, he went into another frenzy and grabbed his kids.

Shocking Incident Man Tries to Drown Twin Toddlers After Discovering Mother's 'Witchcraft Materials'

A West Haven police officer heard terrified cries coming from the ocean after spotting the father’s car on the beach. After looking into it more, the officer noticed Desronvil and the twins drifting out into Long Island Sound. According to a statement from the police, “it was obvious at this point that the male was deliberately drowning his children.”


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The news statement stated that the West Shore Fire Department also used a fire boat and that “officers immediately entered the water and were nearly 100 yards away from shore at this time.”

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According to a police announcement, “it is without a doubt the swift response by our patrol officers saved the lives of these children.” “The communication and collaborative efforts made by the West Shore Fire Department and eventually the New Haven Police Department allowed for immediate medical aid and also the apprehension of Desronvil.”

After firefighters and law enforcement authorities dove into the water to rescue the toddlers, the twins were taken by ambulance to Yale New Haven Hospital’s intensive care unit. Desronvil was formally charged on Monday in Milford Superior Court, with a $2 million bond. He is due back in court on July 1.

He is accused of attempting murder, reckless endangerment, and posing a risk of child injury. After describing the horrors of Saturday as “unthinkable,” West Haven Mayor Dorinda Borer updated her blog on Sunday with information about the twins’ condition. She said they had made “slight progress” and that one of them had been removed off intubation.

Reportedly, the mother of the children hurried to the hospital to visit them. She also told the cops that Desronvil might be struggling with mental health concerns.

“We will give her whatever she needs, a hotel, food, clothes, or a big hug,” Mayor Borer stated, adding, “I wanted to let her know that even though they are far from home they have an entire community here that cares for them.”

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