Florida Sheriff's Office Reports Deaths of Three Rescued Alabama Swimmers

Florida Sheriff’s Office Reports Deaths of Three Rescued Alabama Swimmers

Panama City, Florida —

Three men from Alabama have a terrible conclusion to their beach vacation. They were recovered from the gulf seas near the beaches of Panama City, Florida’s Bay County.

In a Facebook post, Sheriff Tommy Ford wrote, “I have witnessed so many people, including visitors to our community, come together on the beach to desperately search for them.” Ford praised the first responders’ incredible bravery in navigating treacherous and murky conditions.

Following their rescue, the swimmers passed away at a nearby hospital. On the beaches, red flags were flying, alerting swimmers to the potential dangers of rip tides. The three reportedly went into the water on Friday night at 8 p.m. on the east end of the beach off of Thomas Drive, according to the sheriff. They were situated roughly one hundred yards offshore.

Vacationers are urged by officials to keep an eye on and understand the flag system. There were two red flags flying on Friday, so swimming is not recommended. Lt. Billy Byrd advises swimmers to swim parallel to the shore until they are out of a rip current. Give up trying to resist it.


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For additional NOAA information, click this link.

According to Lt. Byrd, more details regarding the three men’s names will be disclosed on Monday.

He adds that the seas are “treacherous for rescuers” on ABC 33/40 News. Although this was the lone rescue effort on Friday, workers monitored the beach all day and issued advisories to visitors to stay out of the water.

The aviation division of ALEA has increased beach rescue missions in Alabama. In order to assist in locating swimmers in need, it monitors Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

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