Shocking Crime Random Attack Leaves 3-Year-Old Boy Dead in Grocery Store Parking Lot

Shocking Crime: Random Attack Leaves 3-Year-Old Boy Dead in Grocery Store Parking Lot

WFCN – Police in Ohio claim that a lady randomly attacked and killed a 3-year-old boy with a knife outside a grocery store.

North Olmsted police report that the toddler, Julian, and his mother, Margot Wood, were stabbed on Monday at approximately 3 p.m. at the Giant Eagle parking lot in North Olmsted, which is approximately 15 miles outside of Cleveland.

Authorities reported that Julian was stabbed in the cheek and back. According to authorities, Wood, 38, lived with injuries that were not life-threatening.

Police stated Bionca Ellis, 32, was the culprit and she was placed under arrest.

Det. Sgt. Matt Beck of the North Olmsted police department described the incident as a “random act of violence” and stated that Ellis and the victims were strangers.

At a nearby store, Ellis purchased “some sort of kitchen knife,” according to Beck. She then made her way to the Giant Eagle, where she “spotted Mrs. Wood and her son and then proceeded to follow them out to the parking lot.”


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Just as Julian sat in the shopping cart, Beck claimed that Ellis then reportedly attacked the mother and son next to their vehicle.

At the press conference on Tuesday, North Olmsted Mayor Nicole Dailey Jones remarked, “As a mother, I cannot even begin to fathom this sense of loss that this family is going through.” “The city and I all share in your loss.”

Beck stated that Ellis was accused of aggravated murder. Beck stated that further accusations will be made.

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