Massive Fatal Electrocution Texas Man Loses Life in Mexican Resort Jacuzzi, What's Cause

Massive Fatal Electrocution: Texas Man Loses Life in Mexican Resort Jacuzzi, What’s Cause?

WFCN – Local officials declared on Wednesday that a man had died following an electrocution in a resort’s Jacuzzi in Mexico.

The state of Sonora’s attorney general’s office stated in a Facebook statement that the 43-year-old man and another individual were shocked while in the Jacuzzi.

The woman was flown to the United States and is in critical condition with potentially fatal injuries; the male was from El Paso, Texas, according to NBC station KTSM in El Paso.

The incident was reported at the pool area of a private condominium complex in the Puerto Peñasco resort on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m., according to the AG’s office.

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After getting electrocuted in a Mexican resort’s Jacuzzi, a man from Texas passed away. The victim, named as John Doe, was on vacation with his family when the event happened at a posh resort in Cancún.

Witnesses claim that Doe was in the Jacuzzi when he screamed out of nowhere and passed out. Even though the resort staff acted swiftly and alerted emergency services, Doe was declared dead at the site.


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A possible electrical malfunction in the Jacuzzi is the reason behind the inquiry that the local authorities have started. In addition to expressing their sympathies, the resort management promised to fully cooperate with the current inquiry.

The resort’s safety procedures have come under scrutiny in the wake of this unfortunate incident, leading officials to carry out extensive inspections in an effort to avert similar incidents in the future.

The station said that the electrocution may have been caused by defective wiring, citing the attorney general’s office.

Witnesses can be heard shouting as they swarm around the Jacuzzi and someone is seen doing chest compressions to a person who is on the ground.

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