Big Gunshot Happened! Gunfire Erupts in Anacostia, Caught on Surveillance Camera

Big Gunshot Happened! Gunfire Erupts in Anacostia, Caught on Surveillance Camera

WFCN – Residents in Anacostia were shocked by a flurry of gunfire that broke out late Tuesday night; the entire episode was captured on camera, creating serious safety concerns.

Approximately 11 p.m. was the time of the unnerving incident, and the tumultuous scenario seen on camera lasted for many minutes. Shots crack loudly throughout the area, and people can be heard running for shelter as several gunshots are heard in quick succession.

A group of people can be seen in the video standing close to a street corner when all of a sudden there is shooting. They scatter in all directions, looking for cover, as they become terrified.

Big Gunshot Happened! Gunfire Erupts in Anacostia, Caught on Surveillance Camera

Black male wearing a black coat over a gray hooded sweatshirt, blue stone washed jeans, white shoes and a blue face mask. (image: foxbaltimore)

The footage amply illustrates the incident’s seriousness, showing bullets crashing into surrounding vehicles and structures, breaking glass and leaving noticeable damage. Considering how many shots were fired, investigators believe it was just luck that no injuries were reported despite the severity of the firing.


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Numerous residents who were worried called 911, and law officers was on the scene promptly. Policemen set up a perimeter, gathered spent shot casings, and assessed the damage.

To try and identify the gunmen, the police are presently reviewing the security footage. In an effort to aid their investigation, they have also made a public request for any more information.

Residents and local authorities are gravely concerned about the increasing level of violence in the area following the shooting.

An upsurge in these kind of incidents has been observed in the Southeast Washington, D.C. neighborhood of Anacostia, leading to requests for more successful community policing tactics and additional police patrols.

“Last night’s shooting is a stark reminder of the urgent need to address gun violence in our community,” stated an activist in the area. “We cannot allow our streets to become war zones.”

Numerous people have posted the incident’s footage on social media, which has started a discussion concerning resident protection and public safety. The neighborhood waits anxiously for prompt action to stop more violence while the investigation is ongoing.

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