Eat Well in Chicago Meals That Won't Break the $10 Mark, How Much Amazing Are

Eat Well in Chicago: Meals That Won’t Break the $10 Mark, How Much Amazing Are?

WFCN – On Monday, the James Beard Awards will honor numerous upscale eateries across the country, including one in Chicago.

Our selection of the finest is pricey, but we do have some.

Thus, we’re also showing our appreciation for deliciousness at the less expensive end of the price range today.

Get to work: See what we think are the best meals under $10.

Eat Well in Chicago Meals That Won't Break the $10 Mark, How Much Amazing Are

Carrie’s selection (shown above): Ghareeb Nawaz, which has three outlets in the city and one near Lombard, guarantees that you never go hungry. My choice is the vegetarian thali ($7.99) accompanied by a $1.99 serving of garlic naan.

Jim’s Original Polish sausage with caramelized onions and mustard.


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Monica Eng/Axios Monica’s selection: A hot, juicy Polish served with golden fries from Jim’s Original ($6.50) may be the fastest, cheapest, or most consistently wonderful lunch you can get in Chicago.

You’re typically assured food in hand less than two minutes after ordering, whether you’re at the Elston store in Avondale or the stand on Union.

Enjoy it with spicy pickled serrano peppers, a smear of yellow mustard, and sweet caramelized onions to round out the taste profile.

Part of Paulie Gee’s.: Axios/Justin Kaufmann Easy is Justin’s choice. The hot dog from Home Depot. I’ll change things up and have a slice from Paulie Gee’s in Wicker Park instead, though, since Monica did a Polish. Excellent pizza (less than $5), so you could purchase two for less than $10.

Or simply perform one and receive a pop.

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