Double Homicide in Avondale Two Men Killed on Sunday Evening, Sources Say

Double Homicide in Avondale: Two Men Killed on Sunday Evening, Sources Say

AVONDALE, LA (WFCN) – Two men are dead after a horrific shooting in Avondale on Sunday night, according to local authorities. Around 8:30 p.m., violence rocked the typically peaceful residential area in the 500 block of South Jamie Boulevard.

Two adult males suffering from multiple gunshot wounds were discovered by deputies who responded to a complaint regarding shooting, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (JPSO). Both males were declared dead at the site, even though emergency care personnel responded quickly.

The victims, Michael Turner, 28, and Jason Reed, 32, have been identified. Visibly distressed, family members and friends gathered at the scene as the inquiry got underway. A Turner relative remarked, “We are devastated.” “He was a good man, a loving father, and didn’t deserve this.”

Neighborhood witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots and saw a car speed off soon after. An unnamed homeowner remarked, “At first, we thought it was fireworks, but then we realized it was gunshots.” “It’s scary to think something like this could happen so close to home.”

Double Homicide in Avondale Two Men Killed on Sunday Evening, Sources Say

Investigators are putting in a lot of effort to figure together what transpired before the shooting. Although the reason is still unknown, preliminary investigations indicate that the attack may have been targeted. Authorities are searching the area for possible witnesses who could provide more information, as well as security footage.

Anyone with information is invited to come forward by Sheriff Joseph Lopinto. In a statement, Lopinto stated, “We are committed to finding those responsible for this senseless act of violence.” “We are pleading with the public to help us with our inquiry. Any information, regardless of size, could be extremely important.”


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The shock of the occurrence is still being felt by the residents of Avondale. To stop such bloodshed, local authorities and citizens are urging more police presence and community involvement. A prominent member of the community, Pastor William Johnson, stated, “We cannot let this become the norm.” “Our community deserves to feel safe, and we need to work together to make that happen.”

The region’s mounting worries about gun violence are heightened by this tragedy. Recent figures show a rise in violent crimes and shootings, which has prompted law enforcement and local authorities to step up efforts to combat the problem.

Mayor Tim Kerner Jr. offered his sympathies to the victims’ families and promised to assist the current investigation. “Our hearts go out to the families affected by this tragedy,” Kerner stated. “We’re collaborating closely with the Sheriff’s Office to make sure the guilty are held accountable. Our first concern is the safety of our residents.”

The community is left to lament the loss of two lives and look for solutions to stop similar catastrophes in the future while the inquiry is ongoing. In commemoration of the victims, community gatherings and vigils are being organized to talk about how to make Avondale safer.

It is recommended that anyone with information regarding the incident call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111 or the Homicide Division of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Anonymous tips are welcome, and there’s a reward for information that results in an arrest and conviction.

In the wake of this tragedy, the Avondale community has remained unified, committed to helping the impacted families and working toward creating a more secure and safe environment for all of its citizens.

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