D.C. Family Endures Triple Tragedy Three Members Killed Within a Decade

D.C. Family Endures Triple Tragedy: Three Members Killed Within a Decade

Washington, DC — For the Robersons, the past few years have not been easy.

Gary Roberson was shot and died on Atlantic Street in Southeast on Saturday, June 1.

Maurice Roberson, his brother, claims that incident took place close to their mother’s house.

“It took place away from her house. Maurice Roberson stated, “She heard a lot of gunshots and her maternal instincts took over. She went outside and saw him laying there and ran and sprinted over.”

He revealed to WUSA9 that his brother went by “Choo Choo.”

He grinned and continued, “The story is he used to run after trains when he was little.”

“Choo Choo had a really vivacious personality. Regarding his elder brother, Maurice Roberson remarked, “He was the life of the party, and when I say life of the party, I mean life of the party.”

Since 2012, he has lost three siblings, including Gary.

D.C. Family Endures Triple Tragedy Three Members Killed Within a Decade

His sister, A’nee Roberson, was a transgender woman who was assassinated in October not far from the Northwest intersection of U Street and 9th Street.

She was beaten, according to the police, about four in the morning. She then made her way outside, where she was hit by a passing automobile and killed.


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The motorist who struck Roberson remained on the scene. The original assault that led Roberson into the street, according to investigations, did not include the driver, according to police.

A few weeks later, the junction where she was killed was the scene of a candlelight vigil.

Say her name! “A’nee, Roberson!” the crowd cried.

Police made video and picture of a “person of interest” public in October. D.C. Police informed WUSA9 on Saturday that no arrests had been made and that there were no updates to the case.

In this case, police are offering up to a $25,000 reward to anyone with information that results in an arrest and conviction.

We are asking anyone with additional information regarding this incident to contact Detective Sidney Catlett at 202-302-9651 or Detective Sean Rutter at 202-657-3102. You can text the tip line at 50411 or call the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099 to provide anonymous tips.

According to Maurice Roberson, his family never seems to be able to get a break. He revealed to WUSA9 that his youngest sister, Rose, perished in a vehicle accident in 2011.

“She was violently chased in a vehicle and it crashed on Southern Avenue and burst into flames,” stated Maurice Roberson.

“To be honest, I’ve been crying like a baby,” he said.

Although he and his family adore D.C., he told WUSA9 that they believe something needs to happen.

“More needs to be done to address the conditions that are making lethal violence a viable solution for people,” stated Maurice Roberson.

He claims that what keeps him and his family going is their faith.

“It’s not getting easier for some reason but my faith tells me that the road will soon clear up and things will get better,” he stated.

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