Cut Now 150 Employees Laid Off Amid Another Tech Company's Workforce Reduction (1)

Cut Now 150 Employees Laid Off Amid Another Tech Company’s Workforce Reduction


According to a spokesman, another tech company is currently cutting 150 workers in order to focus on more important positions going forward.

Zoom has officially announced that it will be laying off roughly 150 workers, or 2% of its total workforce.

A representative for Zoom told CNBC in a statement, “We regularly evaluate our teams to ensure alignment with our strategy.”

“We are rescoping roles as part of this effort to add capabilities and continue to hire in critical areas going forward.”

In addition to stating that the layoffs are not company-wide, Zoom stated it will keep hiring in 2024 for positions in sales, product, artificial intelligence, and other areas.

According to, as of Thursday, over 100 tech enterprises had let go of over 30,000 workers since the year began.

According to CNBC, January was the busiest month for layoffs in the sector since March.

Cut Now 150 Employees Laid Off Amid Another Tech Company's Workforce Reduction (1)

Microsoft eliminated 1,900 jobs in its gaming branch last month, Google announced it was cutting hundreds of positions across the board, and Amazon lay off workers in its Prime Video, MGM Studios, Twitch, and Audible departments.


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Along with Zoom, cloud software provider Okta also sent layoff announcements to its personnel on Thursday, informing them that 400 people, or around 7% of the company, will be let go.

In February of last year, Zoom let off nearly 1,300 employees, or roughly 15% of its total staff, in anticipation of the “uncertainty of the global economy,” according to CEO Eric Yuan at the time.

2023 saw layoffs at all of Zoom’s organizations.

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