Courtroom Drama Men Stand Trial for Funeral Director's Murder (1)

Courtroom Drama: Men Stand Trial for Funeral Director’s Murder


Two men are on trial by jury for the murder of the director of an Indianapolis funeral facility. The trial started on Tuesday.

On August 6, 2022, at around 1:30 a.m., Rev. James Dixon was shot and killed outside the Dixon Memorial Chapel. Riding his motorcycle, he had stopped at his place of business to shelter from the rain.

Jashan Wallace-Carswell and Stacey Fuller are accused of robbery and murder.

Courtroom Drama Men Stand Trial for Funeral Director's Murder (1)

During the jury’s opening statements, the prosecution stated that the police had been pursuing the two guys in a stolen car for hours and were going to intercept them when they happened to see the shooting.


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Within minutes of the gunshot, both guys were armed and placed under arrest.

However, Dixon also had a gun, according to Fuller’s lawyer, and the police couldn’t see what was going on because they were too far away. This was not a homicide.

Wallace-Carswell’s lawyer implied that his client did not participate in the crime, only acting as a passenger.

Three days are allotted for the trial. On Wednesday morning, prosecution witnesses will testify once more.

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