Big Bad News! Three Family Members Arrested for Kidnapping 7-Year-Old in Indianapolis

Big Bad News! Three Family Members Arrested for Kidnapping 7-Year-Old in Indianapolis


Indiana State Police detained three ladies for allegedly robbing a seven-year-old boy in Indianapolis.

According to ISP, the boy was discovered in a secure place in Texas and is presently under the care of child protection services while they await the child’s return to his father.

On Monday, June 24, at approximately 7 p.m., an alleged child kidnapping was reported to ISP detectives.

The seven-year-old was found living in Fort Worth, Texas, with her biological mother, who does not have legal custody, according to information the child’s father gave the ISP.

Detectives collaborated closely with Fort Worth police officers, who apprehended the mother, 43, and located the child.


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Suspects are not identified by WRTV until they are legally charged.

ISP discovered that the mother and the child’s two adult half-sisters plotted to kidnap the child.

The father was informed by the 25- and 26-year-old half-sisters that they were taking the child to a southern Indiana amusement park.

According to ISP, the half-sisters were scheduled to go to the amusement park the following day after picking up the youngster from their father’s house on June 19. Rather, they took a car to Missouri, where the child and mother boarded an aircraft headed for Texas.

The half-sisters allegedly told the child’s father that the child’s mother had visited the amusement park and taken the youngster away from them. They informed the father that their social media posts from the park, which included their location, were probably seen by the mother.

ISP claims that after working with the mother to construct the social media post about being at the park, detectives discovered it was all part of their plot.

The two half-sisters and the mother are all accused of kidnapping. The mother was detained in Texas, and the half-sisters were taken into custody by the ISP.

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