Columbia Neighborhood Hit by Isolated Damage from Wednesday's Storm and Tornadoes

Columbia Neighborhood Hit by Isolated Damage from Wednesday’s Storm and Tornadoes

Baltimore — The storm and tornadoes on Wednesday only caused damage to one Columbia neighborhood in Howard County.

Early on Thursday morning, workers began the cleanup, concentrating on a neighborhood off of High Tor Hill. The weather caused damage to many trees, and the debris even crushed some cars. According to Fox weather.

According to Josh Geiger, who resides in this neighborhood, the strong storm arrived swiftly.

“I estimate that the entire event lasted little more than four or five minutes. I honestly let my guard down at 8:40 because I knew the warning extended until 8:45. I heard a freight train approaching while I was upstairs with the dog,” Geiger recalled.

Another neighbor of Geiger’s experienced some obvious damage to their house. He said he’s counting his blessings that his house and three cars survived the ordeal unscathed.

Columbia Neighborhood Hit by Isolated Damage from Wednesday's Storm and Tornadoes

“I spent five years residing in Hollywood, Florida. Nothing ever happened, although there was always a chance of a hurricane,” he stated. “I moved here from Nashville, where there were constant tornado warnings, but they never came anywhere close to me. Thus, it’s really strange that it occurred here.”


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Crews had to clear up more fallen trees by a different set of houses around the corner on Tamar Drive. According to the Howard County Office of Emergency Management, trees—whether they be uprooted trees, branches, or leaves—were mostly to blame for the catastrophe.

Jackie Taylor was among the few who visited Tamar Drive and High Tor Hill to personally inspect the damage.

“There was thunder and lightning, but it didn’t seem that intense,” Taylor said. “We received a warning on our phone at approximately eight o’clock. Then, it was astonishing to drive by and witness this damage.”

The weather incident on Wednesday resulted in no injuries. Geiger has another reason to appreciate his blessings.

“Although I’m incredibly grateful for that, I understand that many individuals will have a difficult time recovering from this. “I aspire to be of assistance in any manner I can,” he declared.

In addition, Hayshed Lane—which is close to the devastation at High Tor Hill and Tamar Drive—saw reports of damage.

As is usual for a normal storm, sixteen residences lost power, according to the Howard County Office of Emergency Management.

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