Charlotte Stabbing Spree Woman's Courageous Escape from Knife Attack

Charlotte Stabbing Spree: Woman’s Courageous Escape from Knife Attack

Charlotte, North Carolina (WFCN)

Three victims were hospitalized and the suspect was taken into custody following a horrifying string of knife attacks that occurred in Charlotte over the course of a single day.

Josiah Maitland, 19, is accused of attacking persons around the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and is currently facing multiple charges. One of his victims expressed her gratitude for her continued survival.

She claimed, “I felt like there was someone behind me as I reached for my key.”

The woman is recuperating from the terrifying ordeal, but she made the decision not to reveal her identity to the public.

“Suddenly, I felt like there was someone beating on my back,” she remarked. “I didn’t realize it was a knife.”

Wednesday after work, she was walking to her car in a nearby parking lot when she was attacked. She saw a man sitting at a bus stop bench on her way to the car, but she didn’t give it any thought.

Charlotte Stabbing Spree Woman's Courageous Escape from Knife Attack

Image: AZ Family

She added, “I turned around and tried to use my left arm to deflect and protect myself from the knife.” “My hand was cut by the knife at that point.”

The culprit began randomly and wildly stabbing her. Her attacker fled only after she let out a cry for assistance.

“My yelling…I believe that’s what alarmed him,” she remarked.

She was rescued by a number of coworkers and sent to the hospital right away for emergency care for wounds that went beyond her arm.


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Maitland, the suspect in the woman’s case, allegedly carried out two more stabbing attacks before police could apprehend him. down with the woman, another victim of the incident happened on a CATS bus traveling down Freedom Drive, and shortly after, a man was stabbed while riding his moped down Old Mount Holly Road.

Police were able to obtain a photo of the culprit by looking through the bus’s on-board camera footage. Shortly after, he was taken into custody.

Maitland is accused with armed robbery, two counts of attempted murder, and three charges of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. On Friday, he is supposed to appear in court.

The woman stated, “I hope he recovers, but I also hope he stays off the streets so he can’t harm anyone else.”

She stated that it’s critical to pay attention to your surroundings and exercise additional caution. She claimed that, in spite of her wounds, she was fortunate overall.

“I’m just grateful that it wasn’t much worse.”

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