25-Year-Old Restaurant Forced to Close Amid Shovel Attack and Hazardous Sidewalks

25-Year-Old Restaurant Forced to Close Amid Shovel Attack and Hazardous Sidewalks

WFCN – Due to vandalism problems, a beloved 25-year-old juice bar and coffee store was forced to close.

The final straw came when a man harassed a Juicy Lucy employee in East Village, New York City, New York, breaking the storefront window with a shovel.

René Henricks, the owner of Juicy Lucy, claims that the neighborhood around her business is constantly rife with bad conduct.

Henricks informed the East Village news blog EV Grieve on June 6 that this included a death overdose in a neighboring nook and needles strewn all over the pavement.

The worker who had the altercation with the vandalizer, according to Henricks, “seemed angry with the world and frustrated by the world.”

She clarified that her uncontrollable frustration stems from the disruption to her business.

That’s it, Henricks said, “the final straw.”

“I’m also furious! It is my duty to ensure the safety of my employees, the landlord’s duty to maintain the building’s security, and the mayor’s and the city’s duty to ensure our collective safety.

25-Year-Old Restaurant Forced to Close Amid Shovel Attack and Hazardous Sidewalks

Image Source: The US Sun

“Ours is a family-run business that operates quietly and well.”

Henricks intends to move soon to a nearby location.

She expressed her desire to keep doing her business in the area since she adores it.

Many expressed their sadness in the comments section of EV Grieve’s story about Juicy Lucy’s departure from East Village.


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Many felt sympathy for Henricks as she dealt with the rise in criminal activity.

“The same block is where I work. The past several years have seen an increase in violence and terror. I regret seeing them go. One user stated, “I hope they move close by so I can still grab my juice on the way to work.”

That truly is unfortunate. It only highlights the downward spiral that our community is experiencing. Watching this after 65 years of living here is depressing. Hold on, Renee,” commented a different commenter.

A third person said, “I am sorry to hear this happened and understand why she feels like she has to close this location.”

“The worker had to have been really afraid. When I moved to the East Village 35 years ago, it was difficult, but these random attacks in the last few years are different and scarier.

Regrettably, violent crimes have been more frequent in New York City recently.

On May 30, a machete attack occurred in Times Square, leaving the surrounding area completely coated in blood.

At the time, the New York Daily News reported that a man had been stabbed in both legs following a territorial battle between CD dealers.

Our family-run business is a peaceful, well-performing enterprise.

Owner of Juicy Lucy, René Henricks

Three individuals were involved in the incident; they left the site but were apprehended by the police.

It was claimed that since they were all pushing tourists to buy CDs on a regular basis, they were all acquainted.

Juicy Lucy has been contacted by The U.S. Sun to provide commentary on the situation.

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A number of restaurant closures have been announced by the bosses of big eating companies. A list of those impacted by the chain has been compiled by The US Sun.

  • Cracker Barrel: Locations in Sacramento, California; Medford, Oregon; and Columbia, South Carolina, have closed.
  • Mod Pizza: Owners abruptly closed 27 locations, including one in California.
  • Frisch’s Big Boy: Covington, Kentucky, restaurant managers acknowledged that the eatery is closing.
  • Two Bucks: Ohio will see the closure of four restaurants.
  • Chili’s: This Texas restaurant in Port Arthur is permanently closed.
  • Friendly’s: Management has announced the closure of the Ronkonkoma, Long Island restaurant.
  • Pizza Hut: At the end of March, the Glen Falls, New York-based restaurant closed.
  • Denny’s: Two eateries in Idaho have closed in Boise and Nampa.
  • Carl’s Jr.: The first site in Boise, Idaho is no longer open.

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