California Firefighters Continue to Gain Control Over Major Fires, Check Here - Where!

California Firefighters Continue to Gain Control Over Major Fires, Check Here – Where!

WFCN – On Friday, as yet another heat wave hit the state, firefighters in California managed to make progress against almost six large wildfires.

One person is hurt in an explosion in the Pacifica area, and the road is closed for five hours.
Now the largest wildfire in the state is the Sites Fire in Colusa County.

It’s just a terrible situation: Barely two months after it opened, a well-known restaurant in Redwood City is damaged by fire in California: Statewide fires are attributed to wind, sun, and dry circumstances.

As of almost 24 hours ago, the Sites Fire in Colusa County, which was the largest of the fires, remained at 19,195 acres and was 30% contained, up from 20%, according to Cal Fire.

California Firefighters Continue to Gain Control Over Major Fires, Check Here - Where!

In a status summary released Friday night, the agency stated that temperatures in the region were getting close to 100 degrees, and that hot and mostly dry conditions were predicted to persist throughout Saturday. Later in the day, a stronger southerly breeze is also predicted by the forecast.

326 structures are at risk due to the fire. But all evacuation orders have been downgraded to warnings, with the exception of Sites Ladoga Road from Sites to Ladoga.


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The Post Fire, which is located in the counties of Los Angeles and Ventura, is the second largest fire in the state. As of Tuesday night, it had burned 15,690 acres. The fire was 68% contained as of Friday night.

The area will have triple-digit temperatures throughout the weekend, according to Cal Fire, combined with teens-level humidity and gusts of up to 30 mph. Sunday might also see thunderstorm activity.

Crews in Calaveras County managed to restrict the 5,351-acre Aero Fire to a percentage of 67%. Five42 structures are still under danger despite the fact that the fire has destroyed three and injured one.

Cal incident reports that as of Friday at noon, all evacuation orders associated with the incident had been canceled.

The fifth-largest fire in the state, the Hesperia Fire in San Bernardino County, and the Point Fire in Sonoma County, were getting close to containment. By Friday evening, the Hesperia Fire had spread to 1,078 acres and was 91% contained, while the Point Fire had consumed 1,207 acres and was 80% contained.

One firefighter was hurt fighting the Point Fire, according to Cal Fire. Three more buildings have been destroyed and two more have been damaged by the fire.

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