Big Connection! DNC Targets Trump’s Relationship with Black Community in Philadelphia Campaign

Big Connection! DNC Targets Trump’s Relationship with Black Community in Philadelphia Campaign

WFCN – The Democratic National Committee will have a message for former President Donald Trump when he arrives at Temple University for a rally on Saturday.

The party is making every effort to ensure he sees it, too, by placing billboards, mobile billboards, and kiosks in buildings around the campus where the rally will take place.

The mobile billboard says, “Donald Trump is coming to North Philly, but he can’t fool us.” “He’s a disaster for Black Americans.”

The kiosks stress President Biden’s attempts to cancel student loans while criticizing Trump’s ties to the Black community and younger voters.

The words “If Trump wins, Black families lose” will be shown on a billboard along I-95, and they will be hung in buildings all throughout the campus.

Big Connection! DNC Targets Trump’s Relationship with Black Community in Philadelphia Campaign

This is one of the DNC’s visuals:

The endeavor is being made in the wake of recent reports that Trump referred to Milwaukee, the site of this year’s Republican National Convention, as a “horrible city” when he met with House Republicans. Juneteenth is a federal holiday commemorating the abolition of slavery.


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In an interview on Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris discussed the Milwaukee remark with radio presenter Sherwin Hughes.

“You see what Donald Trump done to Milwaukee to be critical of it? With Oakland, my hometown, he accomplished that,” Harris remarked. “He took that action in relation to Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. I’ll leave it up to your listeners to figure out what those cities have in common. She mentioned the fact that there is a noticeable Black presence in each of the cities, saying, “There seems to be a pattern at play.”

Atlanta, according to Mr. Trump in 2017, was “falling apart” and “crime-infested.” He referred to Baltimore as “rat and rodent-infested” while he was president. As he cast doubt on the results of the 2020 election, Trump also referred to Philadelphia, the location of the gathering on Saturday, as one of “the most corrupt political places anywhere in our country.”

The Black media director for Team Trump, Janiyah Thomas, responded to Harris by saying, “President Trump was referring to how Democrat policies are failing these blue cities.” The typical voter in these cities would tell you that Joe Biden and the Democrats have abandoned their neighborhoods and that they are in dire need of reform.”

Thomas went on to say that while Mr. Biden’s campaign is gaslighting Black Americans, the Trump team is reaching out to minority votes.

Black voters were an important component of Mr. Biden’s 2020 victory and played a crucial role in his quest for the Democratic nomination. That being said, there are signs that his support in the Black community is waning.

According to a recent CBS News poll, 57% of Black voters believe that things will be better for them if Biden is reelection, but 69% of Black voters believe that should Trump win. Nevertheless, 81% of Black voters declared they would back Mr. Biden over Mr. Trump.

Trump hosted a roundtable discussion with Black community leaders on Saturday at a Detroit church in an attempt to build bridges with the Black community. Trump declared during the gathering that Biden has been the “worst president for Black people.”

Representative for the Democratic National Committee Abhi Rahman restated in a statement that Trump is “a disaster for minority communities — particularly Black Americans.”

“His record contradicts his claims that he is not a racist. He has repeatedly insulted largely Black cities, and while he was in power, jobs vanished, Black American unemployment more than doubled during the pandemic, and his tax scheme expanded the wealth disparity between the races, according to Rahman.

Rahman further contended that whereas small, Black-owned firms began to flourish at a higher rate under the Biden administration, Black wealth fell to a historic low under Trump.

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