'Big Flower Is Here!' Michigan Claims Title of Largest Cannabis Market, Surpassing California

‘Big Flower Is Here!’ Michigan Claims Title of Largest Cannabis Market, Surpassing California


There is now some competition for California, the market leader in cannabis. The US cannabis market has surpassed all others to become largest in Michigan. California is leading in terms of dollar sales amount, while Michigan has sold more grams of flower for recreational and medicinal purposes since the end of 2022 than any other state, including California, according to BDSA, a cannabis market firm.

“We feed other states like Ohio and Indiana with our cheaper priced cannabis here, so I’m not too surprised,” stated Ryan McMullen, the purchasing owner of Bazonzoes. “I was quite surprised because California is such a big state and the population is through the roof compared to Michigan.”

Data from Headset, a different cannabis market research company, revealed that sales revenue was highest in California.

'Big Flower Is Here!' Michigan Claims Title of Largest Cannabis Market, Surpassing California

‘Largest Cannabis Market, Surpassing California/ Image: WILX

There is plenty of product accessible because to the robust competition and the maximum grow licenses available. Additionally, the large number of merchants means that low-cost cannabis products are made in a very competitive manner. Moreover, our taxes are cheaper here than they are in California,” McMullen added.


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Doctors believe we have not yet seen the long-term impacts of legalization, despite the enormous amount being sold and the more cash generated for the state.

“I’m just really concerned that we outpaced California, which has a significantly larger population than we do. We know that four drinks a week are okay for women my age, but we really don’t know that for cannabis.” According to Dr. Brittany Tayler, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Michigan State University, “that means our Michiganders are probably using a lot more cannabis than other states.”

Dr. Tayler is worried about marijuana’s potential health impacts, but she is more worried about the choices people make when operating a motor vehicle.

Dr. Tayler stated, “It has been demonstrated in numerous states that the legalization of cannabis has led to an increase in car accidents and motor vehicle accidents.”

Just last month, cannabis sales in the state of Michigan totaled $274 million.

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