Back-to-Back Victories Greater Cincinnati Burger Joint Earns 'Best Burger in Ohio' Honors Again

Back-to-Back Victories: Greater Cincinnati Burger Joint Earns ‘Best Burger in Ohio’ Honors Again


For the second consecutive year, a traditional drive-in company in Ohio has recaptured the title of “best burger in Ohio”.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular foods in America is the hamburger, and you can get one in almost every town. Anywhere meat is sold, whether it’s a steakhouse or a local store, you can find a good burger.

It can be challenging to choose where to spend your hard-earned money with so many possibilities, but fortunately, Reader’s Digest has done some of the research for us. The magazine just published its list of the top burgers in each state, featuring options from fancy restaurants to convenience stores.

The winner for Kentucky was Louisville’s Mussel & Burger Bar, while the winner for Indiana was the BRU Burger Bar—which also has locations in Cincinnati and Montgomery.

Back-to-Back Victories Greater Cincinnati Burger Joint Earns 'Best Burger in Ohio' Honors Again

Cincinnati Burger Week

In contrast to the other tri-state winners, which were sit-down eateries, Ohio’s winner is a vintage drive-in that appears to have been preserved from the 1950s. What could be better still? It costs less than $5 for their famous burger.

Wesley T. ‘Pop’ Swenson founded Swensons Drive-In in 1934, and it has grown to 20 locations throughout Ohio and Indianapolis ninety years later. The Galley Boy, a “signature double cheeseburg with two special sauces” and the drive-in’s flagship burger, has been named a standout item by Reader’s Digest for the past two years.


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(Swensons) “In Ohio, it would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t sampled a Galley Boy from Swensons Drive-In,” the article states. This burger has two patties and is served with cheese and two secret sauces on a toasty, buttery bun.

The well-known drive-in, which has several sites around the state, has never revealed the precise ingredients of its secret sauces, but they most closely resemble tartar and barbecue sauce. For a distinctive touch, a characteristic olive on a toothpick is used to finish the burger.”

In addition, the burger costs just $4.95. In contrast, a Big Mac typically costs $5.29.

At 491 Ohio Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio, there’s a Swensons Drive-In.

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