Westport Incident One Person Dead, Another Injured on Sunday Morning

Westport Incident: One Person Dead, Another Injured on Sunday Morning

KANSAS CITY, Missouri —

One man was shot and killed early on Sunday morning in Kansas City, Missouri; the incident is being looked into by the Kansas City Police Department.

When gunshots were heard at roughly 3:30 in the morning, the KCPD reports that officers were called to the vicinity of 39th Street and Broadway near Westport.

After a shootout in east Kansas City, a police ID guy and a teenager died. Officers responded to a closed store on the northeast corner of the intersection and discovered an unconscious male suffering from gunshot wounds in the parking lot.

The victim was taken to a hospital with potentially fatal injuries by emergency medical personnel after officers tried to save his life.

Detectives learned later that another man had been shot nearby and was being driven to a hospital in a private vehicle while they were still on the site. The severity of his wounds was reported to be non-critical.

The individual who had been brought to a hospital with potentially fatal injuries passed away on Sunday morning, officers were told later this morning.

Westport Incident One Person Dead, Another Injured on Sunday Morning

The 29-year-old victim, Deshuan McKinzey, has been named.

“That happened? I had no idea!” Emily Hagen, who frequently visits Midtown, remarked, “I detest that.” We enjoy spending time down here; we’re from right over the state border. It seems especially friendly in this neighborhood. I’m sad to hear that happened; we normally feel very comfortable in this neighborhood with the variety of bars and stuff that they have.


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When shots were fired, a sizable crowd was assembled in the parking lot, according to the KCPD’s preliminary investigation.

Karyn Brown, who resides in the Midtown neighborhood, said, “I know there are a lot of shootings and killings around here, but I am blessed that I haven’t dealt with anything like that, and I’ve never felt unsafe.”

According to Brown, she hasn’t been worried about safety.

After living there for nearly two years and some change, Brown said, “I don’t hear any shootings at my apartment, and I love it.” “People who were caught up in that situation last night make me feel bad, but I don’t personally have any issues.”

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Two guys were hit by gunfire in the parking lot, where there was a throng of people gathering, according to initial investigations.

KCPD requests that if you witnessed anything or have any information about the case, you contact the Homicide detectives immediately at (816) 234-5043 or the anonymous TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-8477. This is because there are so many possible witnesses.

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