Two Individuals Arrested for Involvement in Separate California Wildfires

Two Individuals Arrested for Involvement in Separate California Wildfires

The County of Alameda, California –

Since the fuel is extremely dry, this year is shaping up to be one of our most explosive ones. The Tesla incident, a blaze that began in the hillsides above De Valle Regional Park at 11:15 a.m. on Monday and is currently under investigation, is one such example.

Even though it expanded rapidly to ten acres, the air and land forces responded with full force to put out the blaze.

On Cal Fire’s list of active fires, it became the twentieth. “If you start wildfire, there can be repercussions for that,” he added

Jared Clay, a spokesperson with the California Fire Department.

Two Individuals Arrested for Involvement in Separate California Wildfires

Two individuals were detained last week by the Cal Fire law enforcement division for allegedly starting flames while removing brush and grass, according to Cal Fire’s public information officer Jason Clay. On July 3rd, a lone individual in Lower Lake County began the 16-acre Adams Fire with a weed whacker. He is facing three misdemeanor charges.


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On July 6th, north of Geyserville, another guy began the 11-acre Pocket Fire while operating a riding mower.

The individual is currently facing three misdemeanors and one felony charge. According to Cal Fire’s Clay, it becomes a matter of “just irresponsible” when someone is undertaking defensible space work during a Red Flag Warning while the sun is directly overhead.

Mowing, weeding, and establishing defensive space before 10 AM is when most people assume wildfires won’t be an issue. The statement is false.

You should also be aware of and keep an eye on two other crucial weather parameters in addition to the time of day.

“A safe area where you can kind of look at to guage can I do this or can I not do this would be if temperatures is if it’s below 80 degrees and the relative humidity is above 30 percent,” said the expert.

The weed whack at Lower Lake Adams occurred at 3 pm in 105 degree temperatures with 10% humidity. It was soon after 11 in the morning in a temperature of 99 degrees with a relative humidity of 22 percent when the Geyserville Pocket Fire broke out. In order to ensure a safe operation, they did not follow the guidelines provided, according to the Cal Fire Public Information Officer.

According to Cal Fire, there were 18 wildfires raging across the Golden State as of Monday morning at 10:00 AM. There will be more.

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